Sunday, February 7, 2016


In our guild we are blessed with so much talent that it 
oozes around the room. This is Jon Ciemiewicz and if you have seen any rug hooking magazines you have seen his work.
He is conducting a class on prospective. which I thought I would get nothing out of, but holy rug hooking I learned so much!

This is one of his pieces amazing right!

He also brought wool to sell for wait for it......
14.00 a yard! yes 2 of those pieces are hand dyed he didn't have much hand dyed but lots of off the bolt. I snagged the pieces I wanted the minute I walked in the door. 

and the piece I am working on, quite of a difference to Jon right?
Yikes I hide in the corner when show and tell starts. Lots of fine shading in that room. 
I have had it with politicians! When you live in NH they are everywhere! I got 8 calls by 1:00 today so I took the phone off the hook and I look and I have one on my door step! I live off the beaten path why in hell are they stalking me? so I have turned off regular TV and I am watching Andy Griffith reruns and hiding out  until after Tues.

Every year David does a puzzle or two in the winter. It helps get him through the cold. but of course we have had a lot of spring like temps which is completely fine with me. We are up for a storm on Tue (voting day:) who knows how much we will get but in a few weeks we are headed for our first vacation in 5 years to someplace warm and wonderful thank you to amazing friends!

Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.
we need a little treat now and then. this is a one layer cake.
I make it in a round pan, the cake takes no butter, no eggs and it is completely yummy.
It is super bowl Sunday  since we our Patriots didn't make it not that excited but will watch it until Downton Abbey is on, oh be still my heart how wonderful it was last week!
Have a great week!


yaya said...

I'm betting your rug hooking is not something you should hide...I think everything you've shown here is wonderful. I'm not a hooker but I sure can appreciate the beauty created by others. The beauty of that cake is nothing to hide either! How fun to have a wonderful vacation planned. It will still be cold in a few weeks so please post pics of the sun and warmth for us! We had a fabulous weekend with warm temps and sunshine. All that comes to a close tomorrow with the snow and cold approaching...oh well, I still can't really complain about this Winter. Soon it will be Spring and Easter...looking forward to that! Have a great week!

Kim said...

Let's hope this weeks Domwton doesn't end in another bloodbath. I saw your Facebook post today - I laughed out loud

Rugs and Pugs said...

Jon's hooking is amazing. So is yours but in a different way. I admire such work, but have no desire to hook that way.
Hugs :)

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Cathy, I love your hooking, always looks great... Love the puzzle too, great picture, I love to while away the winter hours doing a puzzle too... That cake has my mouth watering, yum.Blessings Francine.

WoolenSails said...

Lucky you, I met him years ago in Maine when he was doing a class. I had some friends that went so I met up with them at Searsport and had the final dinner with everyone. I am getting calls, no idea who they are, I just don't pick up, lol. But it is annoying to hear it ring every five minutes.


Saundra said...

I've taken a class with Jon and he is a great teacher. But $14 a yard?????? Good grief what a deal.

Say what? Cake with no butter and no eggs? Would love to have the recipe but guess it has loads of sugar, right?

Julia said...

Oh my, being pestered by politician every hour of the day is so very annoying. I hope Trump doesn't show up at your door, lol...
Wow on Jon's rug hooking ability. Does he have a book out to show how he does perspective? There's always so much to learn...

Nice piece of wool and I agree, your rug is nothing to hide.

Your cake looks so yummy and moist... I got a chocolate cake recipe from my Tai Chi instructor ages ago. It has no eggs and uses cocoa , vegetable oil, vinegar and applesauce. Very moist and delicious. I'm starting to crave some sweet baking...

I'm so happy for you to have a nice vacation with good friends. That sounds perfect.

Have a great week, we're already in the second week of February...

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hide out til the election is overl lol!
A vacation sounds wonderful , I love your rugs but it is nice to see others work too.
Hugs cheri

Unknown said...

Does he have a book out to show how he does perspective? There's always so much to learn...