Monday, October 19, 2015

Are You Tired Of The Fall Pictures Yet?

Husband and I took a hike near our house...

And yummmm what color!

I didn't think that fall would amount to much because we were so dry this summer. 
Sunday my sweet friend and I headed for another hike.

This was as steep as it got and such a beautiful walk.

To see this! We do like the pay off when we hike or walk.

And yes they are blowing off the trees to get ready for this.

Mt Washington(our highest peak) got several inches of snow and because of a good wind
it drifted a lot. Not ready for this but it is a sign of what is to come.
We had Miss B over night and then my aunt and cousin came for over night with lots of laughs and good times and wine we loved it!
Not much hooking got done but it will I am sure of it. 


WoolenSails said...

I love driving around and walking to see the foliage, can never get sick of it.
Love the mountain view, that was what I was hoping to do but Bill didn't want to go up this weekend.


Rugs and Pugs said...

I'm not tired of the gorgeous pictures!!!
Hugs :)

yaya said...

Never will I tire of such beauty! Now I see why folks travel there to leaf peep! We had snow flakes in the air this past weekend...brrr! Guess we better enjoy any nice day we get! Looks like you're doing just that!

newburyarts said...

*****still really green down here, but the reds and salmon colors are becoming
really spectacular. nice to walk around town...even with a foot fracture!

moosecraft said...

Wow! If I had scenery like that where I lived... I'd be hiking every day! Enjoy the color while it lasts! :-)

Julia said...

Bring on the colors Cathy, I can never get tired of it.
I'm so glad you got to go hiking in those beautiful leaves with people you love and that you had overnight visitors to have fun with. Wine always makes a gathering even more special...Hooking will come later.

It's getting cold now and I'm still trying to fit some time to tidy more flowerbeds before the snow come. As I age, I'm getting more reluctant to see snow coming but I always love the first snow blanket and then I have had enough, lol...
Have a great week.

Primitive Stars said...

Never tire of Fall scenery, yours are stunning. So beautiful to go hiking there.Blessings Francine.

Judy said...

Fall colors is so much more impressive when it can be viewed sweeping up the side of a hill/mountain. Color is beautiful here too, but we kind of have to view it straight on. :-)
I keep telling myself that I like winter and the snow is sprakley and beautiful, but---we had such a short summer, I don't know if I am quite ready.

Kim said...

I love your fall photos. What a gorgeous walk! There is nothing I like better than scuffing through a pile of crunchy leaves in my boots.