Thursday, June 4, 2015

First Farmers Market For The Season.....

The farmers market has moved closer to work so that when I get out of work and walk to my car I walk right by.
I bought some hand made soft cheese, and this beautiful salad mix.
Dinner was steak tips,mashed potatoes with the new cheese mixed in and this beautiful salad.... yum

Then my friend and I headed out for a visit to the thrifts. I snagged this beautiful pot made in NH for 8.00 I see beans in my future.
After dinner a walk around the garden.

Pest control in the veggie garden.

I know these are Iris but I have no idea what kind


Snow in summer. (my kind of snow)

And bird watching lots of beautiful birds coming to the feeder. And I am fighting the woodpecker off the feeder he just makes a big mess and wastes my seeds. (I have a small life)
I hope you are enjoying summer. We have been very cold turn the furnace on cold, so to have these flowers blooming is a minor miracle in it's self.


Dog Trot Farm said...

Two nights running a fire in the wood stove...a week of warmth and now the deep freeze...I have two trays of marigolds just waiting to be put in the ground...I am looking forward to harvesting from my garden...potatoes went in the ground today...Nice score with the bean pot! Have a good weekend...

WoolenSails said...

Great finds and nice to have the market, close by.
I have been looking at rentals, but a lot of the good ones are gone now, so still looking.


Primitive Stars said...

Wonderful you will get to visit the farmers market more now Cathy. Great score on the bean pot and I planted Marrigolds just the other day with the tomato's. Love bird watching, many beautiful visiters to the feeders here too.Blessings Francine.

Julia said...

Love that nice big stoneware pot bean pot.... Now that you're close to the Market, I imagine that you'll be more tempted to buy

We've had wood burning in the stove also this week. It's been raining and cold but hopefully I'll be able to weed my garden which is overrun by chickweeds. My potatoes are starting to poke through the ground. I was late planting this year.

Happy weekend to you.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Here in Ohio it's AC one day and the furnace the next. It's a chilly 61* now but the sun is shining.
That looks like a yummy salad mix.
I love snow in summer ~ had it at my previous house ~ but's it's so invasive and gets so scrappy looking after it's done blooming. All your plants look beautiful.
Hugs :)

Kim said...

It's been cool here too. You'd never know it was June. I love that crock. It's so pretty. I need to find a bean crock before Fall

yaya said...

When the weather warms up, the rains come. Then it's cool again.. We may never get in the pool this Summer! We planted our little veggie garden finally. The nurseries have the big sales this week so that's when I'll get the final plants for my beds. Yours are looking good!The farmer's market I stop at starts right before the 4th of July. I guess I can wait! Have a good week!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh How I loved this post and the walk through your garden. What beautiful flowers and amazing their already blooming since you had such a long very cold winter.
How cool it would be to have a farmers market so close to where you work. I love what you bought and I have never seen such a fabulous salad.
Just trying to catch up with you tonight. I have missed you.