Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Cupboard

Last Saturday I got to a Sale for the first time in weeks and weeks.
I just fell in love with this little oil painting. I could dream I will retire there with a Gardner of course.

On the bottom of the pile is a vintage tablecloth I got
for 1.00 I love them for our porch. and Who doesn't like good
old Frank for .50. There is also a vintage nursery rhyme book there too.

I have had no time to go through it but I am
sure there is something good to make.

Several weeks ago David picked up some free wood
I took some pictures of what he made, I am so loving it.

It is so darling I love the color and the space
in between with the counter.

It is made from a slab of old wood.

So what are your thoughts cause I am thinking
I may want this. But I have no earthly place to put it.
So I guess he will sell it.

Maybe I will keep this old paddle for over the fireplace.
We are going to have our Miss B over night
on Friday so excited and then spend Saturday at 
the local science center where they have live animals
that live in our area. They only keep ones that were hurt and could
not be put back in the wild.
Perhaps the best thing about the future is that it comes just one day at a time.


Nellie said...

That is a marvelous example of David's handiwork! How exciting that Miss B is coming for a stay! That is sure to be fun!

Judy said...

OH--I love that cabinet. David is quite the wood worker!!! I would have a hard time letting it go. Have fun with Miss B.--I know you will!

WoolenSails said...

Lots of good finds and the cabinet is beautiful, love repurposed wood.


Primitive Stars said...

Morning, oh I am loving that cupboard, beautiful. Great hoodies there you got, think the paddle over the fireplace would look great too. Have Fun, Francine.

Saundra said...

Such a great cabinet maker David is, no wonder you love this new project. That would go straight in my wool room to hold lots of beautiful wool.

Have fun with the Miss.


Julia said...

David will reap the fruit of his labor in no time. Someone will fight over the cupboard. Enjoy your new finds and share what you will prepare from the cook book.
Have a nice weekend with Miss B.

moosecraft said...

You know... if I lived closer I'd run right over and purchase that cupboard! I absolutely love it! It can be filled with wool and fat quarters of quilting fabrics... candles and stoneware and hang some hooked rugs from the doors... yep... love the counter top part with the one piece of wood.... it's beautiful! :-)

Larkrise garden girl said...

What a beautiful cupboard. I just got back from the library with little jack he loved it. It is so nice how libraries cater to little kids. Have fun with miss B

yaya said...

I love vintage tablecloths! I have many and enjoy them. Your find for a 1.00 is great. The cupboard is too cute! I would be trying to find a spot somewhere! Enjoy your visit with Miss B!

Sweet Tea said...

Wow for David!! Love what he made. You must find a place for it, or at least make him promise to make you another when you find a proper place for it.

Balisha said...

I'm sitting here wondering what I would put in that cupboard. Probably in my kitchen with cookie cutter collection, kitchen linens, old kitchenware, an old rolling pin hanging on the side, and on the weathered wood yellow ware bowls, maybe some canning jars....wait a minute I have it all filled up and it's not even mine :) Beautiful job, David.