Saturday, February 9, 2013

Are You Sick Of The Snow Yet?

We got about a foot of snow nothing we haven't seen before.
We live in the central part of NH so we usually see more snow than the

We didn't lose power but we had big ugly Bertha going
This is in the basement and can heat the whole house
when it gets hot it stays hot for a very long time.

while we were shoveling the one feeder we had had so many birds
trying to get in I filled another one and stuck it in this little tree.
poor little things were so hungry trying to keep warm after that storm.

I was sick of seeing white so I bought myself a bunch
of tulips. Come on spring of course I heard on the news we
could get an ice storm on Monday:(

I worked today which was a huge waste of time but I did
get out of the house. I picked up the mother earth news, I
have my feet up and will pass this cold night with big Bertha going
reading my new magazine. Ahh it is good to be home.


annie said...

glad all is well.

Primitive Stars said...

Yes I am....but we didn't get any of the storm here in Winnipeg, Ontario was hit hard....Sweet you put out another feeder for the birds, lots in the picture.....Good for you buying yourself Tulips, so pretty, Keep Warm, Francine.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

I can't tell you how sick I am of snow! So nice that "BB" keeps your home cozy warm, we subscribe to that magazine, it has some pretty good stuff! Keep warm!

Nellie said...

Well, we haven't really had any snow to speak of, certainly not enough here to even shovel! I simply swept the little bit of snow covering the sidewalk with a broom. Lots of slush to it last Sunday morning.

Stay warm!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Good old Bertha she sure comes in handy. I think I received that same teakettle 34 years ago as a shower gift, is that a dump find? LOL I have been buying tulips weekly, something sunny to brighten my day. We are finally dug out, but it took most of the day. I am headed to Target tomorrow come h*** or high water! Stay safe, Julie.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH my I just know a lot of you are sick of the snow. As much as I love your part of the country I could not take the cold and the snow. haha
Wish I had a big old Bertha here because my utility bill was 462.00 and I nearly fainted when I got it. Highway robbery but no choice but to pay it.
Your picture of the birds is something. Thank goodness they have a kind soul like you to take care of them.
Never read this magazine but I bet its interesting.
Just thinking of you and wanted to see how you were doing.
It's just raining here and not too cold. We have been lucky for the past week or so. Sorry should of left out my weather report for here.
Stay warm

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
Happy to hear that you only got a foot of snow.
Be safe!
Hugs :)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

We use to have a wood stove years ago, but got rid of it when the kids where babies. I'd love one of those systems that fit in the fireplace and blows out all the hot air.

yaya said...

We've had sun for a change and the temps are going to warm into the 40's...a heat wave for us! We heat with wood and I'm always grateful for the warmth that furnace brings us..with the help of downed trees of course! Stay safe and enjoy your know me, a magazine lover of all time! (I have Mother Earth news too!)

Dianne @ Sweet Journey Home said...

Glad you "only" got a "foot" of snow! Stay warm!

Saundra said...

Frankly I don't like snow and would particularly hate the 12". We had two terrible winters with heavy piles of snow in 2010 and 2011. Hope it stays away from me.

Hope you and big Bertha had a cozy night.


Julia said...

If you get an ice storm, we'll get it too. Oh I'm so sick of this winter. How refreshing to see beautiful tulips.

Stay warm and hang in there. Every day we are getting closer to spring.


jody said...

hi cathy! just taking the day to catch up on my blogging friends. i scrolled thru your posts and feel more caught up! your man and his grandbabe look wonderfully happy in the picture, i only use old perculator coffee pots and have a couple to spare just in case! the colorful tulips are beautiful! i am getting a bit tired of the white and am dreaming of the green and colorful gardens to come. we havent gotten much snow altho it has just started here now. we are on the edge of it so i doubt we will get near what you all have. enjoy your day cathy!!

Larkrise garden girl said...

That storm is something else BB is a blessing in weather like your having. Keep warm amd safe, Hugs cheri

debra @ homespun said...

Thank goodness we can buy some spring flowers for indoors when the winter weather starts to get to us! :)