Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rugs, A Wedding, More Rugs, Miss B,...

I got my closest friend out to a small but very well done rug show at a historic mill
I love this rug. lots of background but the simplicity it wonderful.

I did not keep track of who's rug etc I am sorry to say. but this was just wonderful.
After that we headed to Maine.

My nephew and his very sweet bride got married on Sat
night. It really was a wonderful time.

Then bright and early Sun morning we headed for the Sandwich fair.
we had some time before we met up with Miss B so we went in the arts barn.
this is so wonderful in person. you can see the antique card it came from on the far

While this is not my taste it was very well done.
and it was done by Jane McGowan Flynn the grand daughter
of Pearl McGowan. 
Ok rugs aside it is time to go to the good old sandwich fair
with my favorite girl.

we won the water balloon game she got a teddy bear. We went on 2 rides
and Gammie bought her a helicopter to push along in the crowd and over the back
of their heels of the people in front of her.
So it was a great day.
And on top of all of this excitement we got a new flat screen TV, I know ,I know we are late
coming to the the TV thing but for a bit less than 200.00 for a 32" some fancy cord from my son-in-law that I
installed with my breath held and we are good to go. We have our feet up watching the game.
while reading the free Sunday paper we got at the fair. A great afternoon is underway.
I will be posting more rugs this week and I found one thing thrifting that makes me laugh
everytime I walk past it.....Oh and best of all I have a give away coming this week.!
First thing every moring before you arise say out loud,"I believe." three times.


Julia said...

What a perfect day. Thanks for sharing. That Miss Baby sure is growing fast and she's so beautiful.
Having fun with Miss Baby is priceless.
Great rugs.


DM said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. And that little Miss B sure is a cutie. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
Hey, I don't even have a working TV so you are WAAAAYYY ahead of!
Sweet pic of you and Miss B. She has gotten so big.
Love all the rugs, especially the first one that appears to be a child's drawing.
Hope your week starts off well.
Hugs :)

Saundra said...

Beautiful bride and groom. I just love the first hooked rug and guess it is from a child's drawing. I'm still waititng for my DIL to give me a picture of something my grandson has drawn in school so I can do that.


Larkrise garden girl said...

What a wonderful weekend! You are blessed, Cheri

Nellie said...

This sounds just like the perfect week-end! You seem to be having a lot of those lately.:)

WendyBee said...

And they won! (You are talking Pats and Broncos, right?) What a nice weekend, and every time you show rugs, I remember how absolutely cool I think they are!

Cammie said...

I love that first rug with all the background, it is just wonderful!
Thanks for sharing! ~Cammie~

annie said...

good for you!
she is a cutie pie!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Beautiful rugs! I can't wait to see more. Miss Baby is getting so big, You're going to have to change her name soon! LOL!!! Cheers to the happy couple! Have a great week!

moosecraft said...

Gorgeous rugs! I think the Halloween one is my favorite, though the first pic is a close second. What a handsome couple the newlyweds make! LOVE the beadwork on her dress! Miss B sure is growing up quick! Happy Anniversary to you too!

BumbleBeeLane said...

Beautiful Rugs! Miss Baby get so big and still adorable as sounds like a great weekend.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Mugwump Woolies said...

What a fun time...Miss B is precious! Love the pic of you two enjoying the ride! Great rugs...the one with the witch from the postcard is so detailed.

Balisha said...

You had just about the best weekend. We have a Sandwich Fair in No. Illinois too. It's the best of the fairs. That Miss Baby is so cute.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Cathy, Miss. Baby is no longer a baby, she has grown into such a sweet little girl. Where does the time go? I love the Halloween rug, I'd love to give it a home...I am glad you had such an enjoyable time at the fair. Mr. Dog Trot and I are looking forward to taking Travis next year, I can't wait to ride the merry-go-round! Have a lovely evening, Julie.

✿Carol✿ said...

Oh my goodness, that Halloween rug is AMAZING! I would never even set foot on it though, it would go straight up on the wall, like the piece of art that it is!