Sunday, August 26, 2012


Well not much happening these past few days. One yard sale I bought this picture for 1.00
It has an issue on the lower left corner but still a great find for 1.00.

I went into a thrift or use to be a thrift on my way to the drug store. Full blown retail.
sooo I will not be stopping there much any more. This book cracked me up it is from
1956 and thought it would be great blog material.
We did kayak the past two days, on the way out today we passed about 2 dozen wild turkeys.

and of course we saw loons on both ponds. On one pond there were 2 young loons
learning to take off which takes the whole length of the pond to get in the air.It is an amazing sight
I have been cooking up a storm lots of veggies so good this time of year.
To everyone in the south take care of yourself.
My brother is on the coast in Mississippi so I have a few prayers going his way.
Is it proper to smoke a pipe of any kind at a formal dinner when cigarettes and cigars are passed?
Yes, if one of the new, small dress pipes(really a dress pipe?) is used and the tobacco is mild.
boy how times have changed:)



Dog Trot Farm said...

The cry of the Loon, there is no other sound quite like it...Glad to see you had a good weekend. We here are attempting to complete our summer chore list, the fire wood is almost all stacked and just one more portion of the house to paint. It never ends! Have a great week, Julie.

Kim said...

Oh I'm sure you are going to find tons of great blog material in that book. Lol. Can you imagine people use to be allowed to smoke on an airplane......

yaya said...

I'm not sure many people even know what the word "etiquette" means. It's amazing how rude and crude the world has become. I love the wild turkeys! I have a few in the "Creepy Woods", but no loons..just me! When I see loons I always think of the movie "On Golden Pond" that flick! Have a good week! (and please be polite!)

CraveCute said...

Love your finds and the loon photos! You are right times have changed!

Rugs and Pugs said...

You got that right. Things have REALLY changed ~ and not always for the better.
Hugs :)

Julia said...

Wow, how time has changed all right. I sure wish that something didn't changed but that one, I'm so glad that it changed, the smoking at the dinner table or in public I mean. That sound like an interesting time capsule that book.
Please share some more.


Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Cathy
I love the picture, if the issue on the left is a problem, how about trimming that edge and re-framing it? The beautiful roses won't be lost.
The book looks a hoot! I'd have got it too :o)
Goodness, the turkey and the loon images are lovely.
Hope David is over 'the blip'.
Rose H

Trace4J said...

Morning Friend
I really is a bummer when thrift stores price so high. Hello you are a thrift store not anitque.:(
Love your photos. I know smoking is bad but I sure miss the smell of my father in laws pipe..
Happy Monday

Nellie said...

Just my opinion, but I think we could all use a good lesson on "etiquette" these days! Sometimes the rudeness in the world just appalls me!

We occasionally see wild turkeys in a field in our community, and often see geese flying. The lake isn't far away from us.

Have a great Monday!

xo Nellie

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Cathy, I also stopped going to Vallue Village cause the prices are just to high for second hand things, come on. Love the wild Turkeys and the Loons are beautiful, love to hear them call on the lake. Blessings Francine.

~Sara said...

The ponds look so beautiful! You sure have some nice scenery near you. I miss the turkeys. I used to do an early morning paper route and would see all kinds of wildlife.

Boy the etiquette sure has changed through the years. You had better keep up! You wouldn't want to smoke your pipe in the wrong company ;)

Saundra said...

Wow, full retail? Rediculous. I purchased a beautiful pair of Ralph Lauren capri pants (like new) at my thrift shop today for $2. Hey, Ralph Lauren!

I'm sure you enjoyed the sights on land and water, very relaxing too, I'm sure


Mugwump Woolies said...

Oh, I like those turkeys!
Have a great week,

judemiller1 said...

I was given that book at my wedding shower in 1957.

Amanda said...

I loved your pictures from your kayaking trip, sounds fun!! I am very intrigued by that Etiquette book, it's amazing how much times have changed!


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Can you imagine now someone lighting up a cigarette, cigar or pipe at the dinner table. I bet the loons were something to see.

Okio B Designs said...

I have to agree etiquette is a lost art. One I am trying to pass onto my boys.