Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kindness Matters

For the past year we have been in and out of Boston a lot.
We have met some of the nicest nurses and Drs ever. They are kind and understanding.
But we have also met some of the rudest people I have ever seen.

Wed we got out of the Dr at rush hour. Now we have driven in during rush hour
lots of times but holy cow we couldn't take it so we went to Faneuial(sp) hall had some dinner and
listen to some music and then drove home in the setting sun and rain. Driving in that rude mess is not
the life for us .

This is wool that I marbled. before on the bottom.
Not a lot of change in the red.
chaper 3 of the Grocery store.
Going into the express line a man about 2 steps in front of me turns around and says.
"Please go in front of me" I looked behind me to be sure he was talking to me
Of course that made my day kindness matters for sure.
Why torture yourself when life will do it for you.
                            Laura Walker


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

You need very thick skin to drive in Boston at rush hour. I don't have it. Sorry you had a bad experience after being at the hospital all day.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Kindness does matter. It's amazing how some total strangers can show kindness with a simple smile when your in difficult situations.

Strawberry said...

I moved to Boston last October from Scotland and I have found the driving traumatic to say the least! It's fast, agressive and not for the hesitant or courteous driver. My GPS is set to avoid highways and I travel the roads less travelled which I find to be a far calmer experience although results in a much longer journey!

yaya said...

I always try and give someone with a very small order the "go ahead of me" courtesy...but some days there are about 5 or more with these little orders behind me and I get so stressed out! When do you just keep loading your junk on the conveyer belt? I suggest not shopping any where near me..I'm a bit nuts lately! (nice rainbow BTW)

Jann Olson said...

I love wool. I am making a Fall quilt right now using wool for pumpkins and stars. The marbeling gives it a cool look. It's nice to find the kind people to help you forget the rude ones!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I hate rude people too. Well I don't hate them but I sure dislike them.

newburyarts said...

*****well...let's see what i can add as a boston commuter.....
ride the red line and be touched
ride the green line and have
some lovely college student
throw up on you or in her seat
ride the orange line and witness a
shoot out
ride the blue line and wonder when
you joined maryknoll and landed
in central america??? could travel rte one
northbound during rush hour and
have some blond cut in front
of you while managing her
steering wheel with her right
elbow and simultaneously
applying her mascara with her
right hand. let us add that she
was on her cell phone that she
had under her chin and sipping
coffee. she didn't understand
why the rest of us were furious
that she almost caused a major
pile up. so, i just rolled back
the sun roof and with my right
hand gave her a jesture for the
sake of humanity! do not hit my
but i save the last as the ultimate "winner" of the commuter
madness/lack of sensitivity to
all. picture it...a commuter train
chugging northward...many passengers either going to work or coming from...a woman in her seventies...a cell phone! we were
"treated" to a twenty minute discourse on her rectal surgery in
a volume that would have been
completely coherent to helen keller! so...see what fun you're
missing?????? at least the medical
staff has been great...keep david,
and yourself well!!! tom

Mugwump Woolies said...

Do I see Quincy Market? Your wool looks great...good rich colors!

jody said...

oh my i have lots to catch up on. im so glad to hear the tests are good and that david is doing ok. that little babes is just adorable and i can see how she lifts your spirits! great dump find and love the sneak peak of the rug! take care you guys and enjoy your day!

Saundra said...

Great marbelizing job! And yes, being kind to one another is very important and a smile to someone just might change the direction of their day.


Dianne said...

I remember the days of rush hour traffic in Memphis...and not fondly! I prefer the small town traffic for sure. Glad you took a break and sat out hopefully the worst of the traffic!

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Trips to the *big city* always make me very grateful that I don't live there :)


Carol said...

I totally agree! Kindness is never out of style.
So happy you stopped by my blog & left a comment!


Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Oh Yes Kindness does matter! Kindness is one of our simple pleasures of life. I'm so happy you had a sweet experience after a day at the hospital...
Have a beautiful Sunday,
Big Hugs,

Kathleen said...

Love those dump finds! Amazing what people throw away!
There's always a good person to make up for the not so nice, thank God!
We used to go the the Sail Loft across from Fanueil Hall , great chowder!
Hope dh is doing well, Cathy!

Anonymous said...

Your dump is amazing! I want to go there.

boston driving--I start to get a stomach ache when we get to Danvers...

Chatty Crone said...

I am newer why are you all going to doctors in New York? Who is sick?

And I LOVE that last quote.

Why torture yourself the world does it for you. How true. lol

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I've been to Boston several times - and while the people seem very nice, driving there is a whole other issue!