Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cracker Jacks

This is our house it looks so nice in the snow, naah just kidding. WE did get snow, but this is an oil painting I got at a resale shop for 30.00 I just love it, the color is so much better in person.
I think I am a reasonably intelligent person but holy cow I can not get my head around knitting. The circular needles are to long. I have done and redone and I am going to give up I think. Not as much fun as I thought it might be for me.

While pondering my knitting problem I am eating crackerjacks. When I was a kid I was in the money if I could buy a box of crackerjacks. I even remember how much, 9cents per box(this bag is 1.09)
and if I had a dime I had a penny left over for the gum machine. If I was really lucky I got a charm with my gum. I had a box of charms and prizes from crackerjacks. My friend and I would trade them and see who had the best stash.  
 After I got home I heard someone shoveling our walkway. It was a young man from the fire department, they have a list of who shovels for us.  The most amazing thing he had just come from getting a root canal! David and I very humbled and over whelmed with our community.( One of the other guys plows us out )
I would love for you to visit a new blogger! I met jody though an email she sent when we were still figuring out David's condition. She is a strong amazing woman tell her I said hi.

Ask for help. Receiving is an act of generosity...Cheryl Richardson


Kim said...

I loved those little boxes of Cracker Jack's. Its just not the same in a bag. I can't knit with those crazy circular needles. Don't give up on knitting - try regular needles and make a scarf until you get the hang of it.
I love the shovelling story. Sweet!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

What are you trying to knit? I wish we lived closer...I would untangle you. I just got word of a hook-in in Eliot, ME on Jan. 28th if you and Priscilla are interested. It's $5 to go and lunch is additional. Let me know and I'll send you info. I hopped on over to meet Jody! Nice. I remember when you were my first follower. ;-)
Did you get big snow? We got about 6 inches and a SNOW DAY! Wheeeee!
Hope all is well!

Julia said...

I hope that you don't give up knitting, it's so much fun and you can carry it with you anywhere. Maybe you should start on a smaller project. Circular needles are a bit tricky for me too.

I remember Cracker Jacks boxes and small surprises inside the box.

I already left a comment and joined Jody's blog.
Stay safe and warm. JB

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Love "your house" . . . you're a nut! As for knitting, it's on my bucket list and as it turns out, our secretary is a "master knitter" and has offered to teach me how to knit at lunch time!

Love cracker jacks! What was your prize? LOL!!! My dad used to have a collection of the prizes from when he was a kid! We used to look at them in the house he grew up in. They were there until last year, when the house was sold, don't know what happened to them!

Sounds like you have a lovely community! Hopefully the "shoveler" was still numb! LOL!!! Very thoughtful and kind!

I'll stop by your friends blog! Have a lovely weekend!


Dianne said...

What a gift to have come shovel after a root canal! Blessings indeed. What a nice community you must live in.

I agree about the crackerjacks...I remember them well and still love them!

Stacy said...

I love cracker jacks too!

My mom always bought a box of 3 when we went grocery shopping for the car ride home. It was enough to keep us 3 kids out of her hair for a few minutes at least.

That painting is something I would hang in my house too. What a steal for $30 bucks.

jennifer768 said...

How kind of that young man to shovel your walkway! Love Cracker Jacks myself, brings back a lot of great memories of summer days with my sister.Will check out Jody's blog,it is nice to meet new people.Hugs,Jen

annie said...

How great they are to take care of you two! Loved the prizes as a kid!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Cracker Jacks, I love the fact that they are still around. How I would love to be able to knit a pair of socks, I can knit/pearl a scarf but that's it. I am so happy to read there are angels watching out for you. Someday soon, when David's illness is but a thing of the past, you will have the opportunity to pay it forward! Hugs, Julie.

Pat said...

How nice that you have a community that pitches in to help when you need it. I'm hoping we dodge snow this year.

moosecraft said...

Very pretty painting! Love how the sky looks like it does just after a snowstorm! Cracker Jack is good stuff! :-)

Unknown said...

Love that beautiful yarn! Don't give WILL get it.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane..I totally forgot about the little toys with gum. We ate a lot of cracker jacks as kids too....don't remember the price but I am sure it was about the same.

Judy said...

I had a pretty good stash of Cracker Jack treasures myself. I love that last quote--I have trouble asking for help and my daughter told me, "if you don't let people help, you are taking away a pleasureable gift from them." Love the picture!!!

Saundra said...

Oh man I used to love Cracker Jacks and would get them in the boxes. Also loved animal crackers and Squirrel Nut candy ~ use to get 2 for a penny.

I use to love hooking with a round needle, no seams to sew and made it oh so much easier.

COURTNEY!!!!! I wish we all lived closer too so you could teach me how to make socks.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Cracker Jacks use to be my favorites! I loved the toys.

The Barn Door said...

LOVE the picture....almost looks like a Currier & Ives!

yaya said...

Love the painting...great find! I enjoy crackerjack too..that brings back memories! You live in a wonderful community that reaches out and helps. It's hard sometimes to be on the receiving end, but I think they get the opportunity to receive blessings when they are allowed to serve. Have a good weekend!

jody said...

cathy, thanx so much for reading my new blog and sending friends over! you are just too good to me! i agree cathy, family, friends and community are so helpful! at first it was so hard for me to except help but soon realized it ment as much to the helpers as it did to me, to be able to help someone you care about...and you my friend have helped me in so many ways over the last few months! thoughts and prayers to you!