Monday, September 5, 2011

A Classic

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We did get together with the family and I got some Miss Baby
time. I was so in the moment I didn't take any pictures. But believe me she is sooooo cute would I lie?
I started reading The Catcher in the Rye, I have never read it. How many of my sweet blog friends have read this? I did finish the book Maine by Sullivan which I enjoyed but I was a bit disappointed by the ending.                                                                                                                                                         
 I have been enjoying the fresh veggies. I was shucking this corn and it smelled so fresh. I will miss that smell this winter.
 We have a couple of tomato plants that has been very plentiful.
 And I have pulled a few loops, a very few. I see everyone's rugs on line and I am so jealous of their hooking time.                                                                         
It has been hot and muggy so not New England weather and it is raining again tonight. I am looking forward to crisp weather.
When you read a classic you do not see in the book more than you did before. You see more in you than there was before.....Clifton Fadiman


yaya said...

The veggies look wonderful! I will miss all my fresh tomatoes soon...I hope the ones I froze will taste just a tiny bit as good...nice rug, I don't do that at all, but I admire everyone else's work..good job! Glad you had a nice weekend Cathy!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Holden Caulfield, I love that book!!!
Great progress on the rug. I think it looks really pretty.

Mary @ Redo 101 said...

I read Catcher in the Rye a thousand years ago and loved it ... but I prefer your gorgeous corn and tomatoes :) Sorry it's hot and muggy there, hang on to it cuz you know what's coming ...


Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
I read Catcher in the Rye about a hundred years :)
Your veggies look so good. I did get some off the vine tomatoes when I was visiting friend Wink and they tasted SO GOOD!
You need to share more of your hooked piece!
Pug hugs :)

Vintage Gal said...

I LOVE fresh veggies ~ do you freeze them? I can't hook a rug but I think those who do are sooo talented ~ I haven't a catcher in the rye in YEARS ~ wow. Great book. Have a wonderful week ;-)

Stacy Crawford said...

I agree, we are having unseasonable weather too. I'm glad it broke today for cool and crisp! I love sweatshirt weather.

Julia said...

Hi Cathy, On labor Day, I worked so it really didn't feel like a holiday to me.

Your tomatoes looks delicious. mine got the blight this year just like everyone around here.

Spending quality time with Miss Baby is so worth it. They grow up so fast if you blink they are all grown up.

I haven't pulled a loop all summer but I like your rug. I managed to read The Help in August but had to read it in bed until my eyelids were too heavy with sleep. JB

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I read Catcher in the Rye when I was a kid ~ and I have it close by to read again. I'm sure I'll have a better understanding of it now that I have some years of life experience behind me!! Love the circle rug!

Courtney said...

I read The Catcher in the Rye up at Camp Kehonka on Lake Winnipesaukee when I was a girl. I loved it! I love your circle rug!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Well, I LOVE what you have hooked...take your time!



Leontien said...

whoo that book is just great! i read it... but it Dutch! probably as good in English as in Dutch! ;-)

Hope you have a great week

Dog Trot Farm said...

Yes, I have read Catcher In The Rye, twice, once as a teenager and again last summer. I enjoy reading books over again as they feel like old friends to me. I bet Miss baby is growing leaps and bounds! The rug is coming along, cat's paw? Enjoy this cool weather, but really where is the sun! Hugs, Julie.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

My husband adores Catcher in the Rye. He convinced me to read it when we were in college and I just didn't get its fascination. I think I might have been too old (even at 20) to really feel that apathy and cynicism of Holden. (Or maybe that never ever fit my life view.) Well, even if you don't like it (like me) or adore it like Worker Bee you will have edified your mind by reading this classic. :)

Glad Miss Baby is as adorable as ever!