Thursday, July 21, 2011

Name Brand Finds

Last weekend yard sale finds. This Coach purse was at a yard sale that was filled with little old lady things and two little old ladies running the sale. I picked it up not sure if it was real checked it over it was 15.00 I asked if they would take less yep 10.00. Home I went and yes it is real and it is basically unused.                                                                                                                                              
 Then at the thrift store I found this beautiful linen pillow sham it is pottery barn it is a beautiful blue green. It needs a good wash and iron with my rose linen spray.
 A friend passed this magazine on, blackberries on the cover and I will be able to end the posts with some smart sayings:0)
 One of the past posts I said I had priscilla curtains and wanted to post a picture of what they were.
They are two panels that are hung on double rods and then crisscrossed. These do not have the fullness I love but they were a dollar. I am on the hunt for more pairs.
 Of course you have to have these wonderful tieback pins!
 Also in a past post I showed pictures of loons and several people said they remember On Golden Pond the movie. Well I live in one of the towns where On Golden Pond was filmed. The lake is really Squam Lake and I would have to win a big lottery to have a home on there. If you have never seen the movie run out and rent a copy.
We are in the steamy heat and high humidity which is rare for us. we get warm but usually the humidity is not an issue. Husband is still having some pretty big issues but one day at a time.
now for my words of wisdom...Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another: What!you,too?I thought I was the only one___C.S.Lewis


Okio B Designs said...

Coach bag - score! =) Love it! Wish I was on that pond right about now. I'm meltinggggggg. =(


Saundra said...

Alice, I need to follow you around on the yard sale circut because you certainly know where to go for the goodies.

Saundra said...

DUH!!!!!!! I meant to call you Cathy, not Alice. I was just at Alice's blog. Sorry!!!!!!

Saundra said...

Well dang. I just wrote my apology for calling you Alice instead of Cathy, tried to post and didn't put in the secret words. Will try again and was just at Alice's blog so that is why I made the boo boo.

Unknown said...



yaya said...

Wow, great finds again..every week I think I should hit a garage sale and every week I think I need no more stuff..then every week I see your blog and think..geez, I should go to a garage never ends! Love the curtains, reminds me of being a kid as we had these in our home. So lovely! (We didn't have the cute tie back pins though!)

camp and cottage living said...

I never tire of seeing that photo of the loons! And I'm a big CS Lewis fan too.
What a steal on the bag. If yoou're like me you'll have it so full it'll fill like a ton of bricks on your shoulder!

Stacy said...

Now, ebay the coach purse for triple the amount and go do somemore thrifting! Or enjoy the steal. Nice finds.

Unknown said...

It's always fun to get some good deals when out for a day of thrifting!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Is it hot or what? I confess I spent the day floating in the lake. Hope you are hanging in and your dear husband is holding his own, my thoughts and prayers are with you both. BTW great finds!

Cathy G. said...

Hi Cathy,
It's been many years since I've watched that movie! The scenery alone from what I remember is worth watching!
Your finds are really nice! I know you will put that 1001 smartest sayings book to very good use!
Hoping hubby has better days ahead. Will continue the prayers and good thoughts for him!
Stay cool if you can!
Cathy G

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Squam Lake is beautiful. I've been up to that area quite a bit...very nice. We went exploring around Lake Winnipesaukee yesterday. It was hot but nice.

I hope your husband feels better soon. This heat is no good. No relief, even up in the mountains.

Sending major healing thoughts his way!

trish said...

Oh my sweet heavens. What a deal on your new purse! :o)

Larkrise garden girl said...

You are the best shopper!

Reginas Cottage said...

great find!!!!!!
i like the last photo!!!
have a nice weekend,
love regina

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
Good job on the Coach purse! You go girl.
I absolutely loved that movie. Haven't seen it in decades. I should rent it.
Prayers and hugs to you and hubby.

Kim @ Touch of Nostalgia said...

Love the Coach purse...what a great find! I really like the sham. Do you make your own rose spray? Your curtains are so sweet. I love the tiebacks :)

I also wanted to thank you so much for the cat I won from you! I am ashamed it has taken me so long to do so. I just love the cat. We have a window air conditioner and on the backside of it (outside) I have a bird cage with an ivy growing in it. I have the cat sitting inside the house on the front of the air conditioner. It is so cute it looks like the cat is standing guard of the bird cage. Thank you again so very very much for choosing me and sending me such a wonderful gift. :)

Continued prayers of healing sent for your hubby.


Mimi Sue said...

You got some great finds this week! I love priscilla curtains too. Reminds me of my childhood in the 50's. Your stained glass window is awesome. And I loved On Golden Pond. Great movie. Have a great weekend. Mimi

Tolentreasures said...

Great yard sale finds! Love that lake! How pretty.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Oh I love that movie! Doncha adore a great yard sale find. :)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Ok, are you serious. A coach bag. Cathy, I think you are a magnet for finding fantastic bargains. I am going to do a post on something I found in the consignment shop up the street from me. Little dessert glasses that were only four dollars for seven of them. WOO HOO I was so thrilled. I am a novice at all of this thrift business but it is because of you and all your enthusiasm for thrift stores and yard sales that has me wanting to score something big.