Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From Weird to Wonderful

Before I left for my hooking weekend my tulips were all pink buds. I told my husband that when I get home they should be all open and beautiful. well this is what I found, yep just the stem. we had no idea what happened or what did it.  So I googled it SQUIRRELS did it. they love tulip blooms! But not daffodils so I will never plant tulips again! Oh I am so mad! Then my husband put all the screens in and found blood on a windowsill 2 stories up. I had no idea what it was from and it was a bit creepy. I was putting things in the spare bedroom closet and I hear bang, bang, bang. I look and there is a robin repeatedly flying into a large half round window that is at the peak of our house. I try to scare him or her away but no luck it kept coming back and doing the same thing. I google again. The robin sees it's reflection and thinks its another bird and is trying to scare it away or fight it. and it will kill itself doing this yikes. So what to do all I have is halloween things to put in the window an owl, pumpkin, and a witch. No more robin, I think he thought it was halloween and flew south:) God knows what my neighbors think when they walk by.                                                                                                
 This is a dump find. She looks like a good hardy farm wife I just couldn't leave her in the dump.
 Thrift store 2 real pasymina's a dollar each.
 I also got some new chairs for the porch. There is a set of two I love them so comfy and from a resale shop. The watering can is holding 3 new kid tools I got at the hook in. They go nicely with the rest of my collection.
 In my antique travels I found 2 pieces of the pottery I am collecting. this a good size casserole and I got a little shell dish that would make a great soap dish.
Here is the rug I am working on. It is small but for some reason I hate it. I have pulled more wool out of this than I have in all the rugs I have ever hooked. I just am not feeling what I have done. First I hate the tan house out it comes. I am open for suggestions. I am thinking maybe it is the smaller cut.
Well I am long winded tonight so I will close with a quote: I really didn't say everything I said.  Yogi Berra


Rose H (UK) said...

What great finds Cathy. Love the chairs, pretty blue casserole and those gorgeous pashmina's. Your new rug looks lovely to me, but I understand the frustration if you're not happy with it - sorry no suggestions on that one.
Have a great week!
Rose H
Oh, nearly forgot - real shame about your tulips, but I have a suggestion for next year. Bury a few used tea bags sprinkled with eucalyptus or similar smelly essential oil just under the surface close by the bulbs as the flower buds form. It should keep the little blighters away.

Dog Trot Farm said...

WOW more great finds! why in the world would anyone throw away a loved one's photo? I'm happy your'e giving it a good home. How lovely for you to meet Courtney, I did view your rug on her website, I do like the rug pattern, maybe by just changing the color of the tan house it might be more to your liking. There is a lot of detail in that rug! Sorry about your tulips, but glad to hear the Robin escaped unharmed! Happy Hooking, Julie

Patti said...

A few thoughts...are you sure that DEER aren't eating your tulips? I learned years ago that that is why Martha's Vineyard and the Cape has no tulips and only daffodils - because the deer ate them all!! And I love the rug and am quite impressed that you are making one!! And what a steal on the pashminas!!

Julia said...

Like Deane Fitzpatrick would say "just keep on hooking and it will look better. I think that your colors are just beautiful.

I know the feeling of planting hundred of tulips one year and they were about 4 inches high and I was expecting quite a spectacular show but the next morning they they were all chewed up but luckily the buds wern't up yet so they all bloomed. It was the deers.

I have lots of pesky squirrels near our house and I've been putting some sunflower seeds on the ground for them so they will leave my feeders alone but they still steal. This morning my son saw one climbing a tree in front of our house by the river and it stole an egg from the cardinal's nest and ran away with it. I wasn't impressed as this is only the second year that the cardinals have stayed around. JB

Pat said...

Well doesn't that just stink about your tulips. Glad to hear that the Halloween decorations scared the robin away. Just think, you saved a life today.

yaya said...

Once, while visiting my Mom, we headed off for church. All the tulips had just beautiful. Came home after church and every bloom was gone..looking up the tree we saw the squirrel with a bloom in it's mouth heading for the top of the tree. If I'd had a gun, I would have shot it! They are so destructive. They have even eaten her outdoor furniture! I love the picture you found. Here was someone's Granny, just thrown in a dump? So sad. Glad you saved her! You could put her pic in the window to keep out the birds!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
Those darned squirrels!!! I've had that same problem and I think that the rabbits eat my marigolds.
Love the stained glass window on your porch.
OK. I give. What is a pasymina? Is it what we call a babushka?
That is a beautiful picture of you on Courtney's blog. You are way too hard on yourself. (I'm the same way. We could be bestest of friends!)
Pug hugs :)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I like it when you leave us with a quote. Well what can I say, you know I get a little jealous with your thrift store and dump run. The porch chair is perfect.

The Summer Porch said...

Jack who? :) I must tell you, you have amazing luck with your thrift store finds! Great eye! The squirrels ate the tulips? That's terrible. I always thought they just went for the bulbs in the fall. I don't blame you for being disappointed. I've tried bloodmeal, a little too late for yours right now.

Hugs Rosemary...XX

Orange Sink said...

I had that happen here too something ate the tulips! Boy it makes you mad..... we wait so long for them to open!
I think your rug is looking wonderful! I love the way you are hooking the fall leaves in the tree! Maybe hook more in and see if you like it better.
I would have never thought of Halloween Decor to scare the robin..... great idea! Although if passerbys would see it they'd probably think we were crazy! LOL!
Hope you are feeling better now after the bout with the bad flu!
Cathy G

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Sounds like a tough day....
Yeah, Squirrels are pests. They will nest in your attic and chew up your wiring and insulation. They will bury walnuts all over your yard and forget where so little trees come up in weird places. I think squirrels are tree rats.

moosecraft said...

What would we do without google, right? We've been having too many squirrels the last couple of years too... would you believe they ate all my cucumbers from the vine last year? Looks like some comfy cozy chairs you found for your patio! I would have picked them up too! Your rug looks great to me! Maybe put it away for a week and then see what happens?

*The Old Geezer said...

We don't have a lot of squirrels around here but we do have several different types of flower eating bugs that are troubling :-(

Kim said...

What a shame. We wait all winter long with the hope of pretty flowers and when you finally get tulips, they are gone before you got to enjoy them! Bad squirrels!!

Courtney said...

Drat those squirrels! That's happened to me before too. I love all of your finds. You have good luck with finding cool things! I might swap out the tan in the house more of a mustard. I love the trees though. They are perfect.

Hey, I have an interview next Thursday!

Joanne said...

Sorry about your tulips - mine are still standing thank goodness (yet they are white and I swear they were red when they were planted!) I know nothing about gardening.

I was going to say the same thing as Courtney - a more mustardy color house might be good - and always - if you don't like something - sometimes doing more background and moving on to something else before ripping out might make it work later - you can always come back to it

AshTreeCottage said...

Love that Yogi Berra quote! The squirrels in my yard love to bury their nuts in my flower pots. Happy Mother's Day!!

Susan and Bentley

saltbox treasures said...

Sorry to hear about your tulips. I'm surprised it was squirrels. We are visiting our kids in Boise, and there are a ton of squirrels here and still lots of tulips blooming. (We just went on a walk and saw lots of both.) Hope there are no more robins trying to get in.
Have a nice Mother's Day weekend!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Cathy that is terrible about your tulips. I would of been so disappointed too because watching them grow and then this happens. I learn something everyday I had no idea squirrels eat tulips. I have so many out here they are causing me trouble in the attic.
You really always find the best pieces I really like those chairs myself. lol
Thank you for thinking about me and leaving me such sweet comments. They mean so much to me.
Wish I could do a good post for a this had not been a day off for me don't know what I would of done.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day