Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ok so I know it's not Christmas! I got out super early for me, ran some errands and had time to go to my favorite thrift shop. NOTHING! feeling defeated I walked around the corner to an antique shop that I like. I never buy alot but the owner is very nice and I like to see what the prices are on the stuff I already have. So low and behold these 4 sweet little pieces were there.
they are chalkware made in england and are about 2" high I love them. He told me I could have them for about 40% off of a very low price SOLD! I plan on moving into the house (Oh if I could)
the elf with the tree makes me smile he has pointed ears. Now my thought was I could hook a rug that looks like these little pieces cute huh!
Well its cold again here and I should be thinking about cooking dinner and not blogging.
I got the fireplace going so I am off to hug it.

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Shara said...

Hi! Your blog looks great! These little elves are fabulous. I am in dire need of a big "clear my mind" junking fest.

PS - The owl isn't a bank. Try again?