Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Summer storm

On Sat we went on a garden tour it was in honor of the 250 of a little town near here. The fun thing was it was free and because there were not many attending it was very personal. We met some lovely people. 

We saw 5 gardens some were very unplanned and others were 
by landscape architects. Myself I love a busy garden it is like a great party and all is invited. This lady also had raspberries as big as your thumb oh for a container to fill.,,, 

The day as hot and after a good shower I settled in for some great movies. This one is Woman of The Year. There is no one better than Katherine Hepburn.The movie after this one was the first time Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart were in a movie together. I do not remember the name. But she was 19 and he was 44 they married a year after making that movie.

We put the kayaks in to check to see if the blueberries were ripe. 
we got a few but still a little early

We have been hot and humid last night a storm came through that rattled my bones. Rain, hail, sharp lighting. It hit a house in the next town and caused a fire.

Oh my poor plants but they did OK except the hollyhocks I had to stake them tonight.

Since I haven't worked on my rug much I will show you a rug I did some time ago. I put it out for Easter and leave until after the the 4th has gone by.
I have been reading 
Gifts From The Sea 
by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. 
Even after all of these years it is so relevant and wonderful.
I read a few pages in the morning before work. 
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Well not much to crow about this week. Lots of work
and not much fun.

This is my Star Island rug I have finished the 3 dorries.
and no that is not a flying sheep it's my magnet. It is coming along bit by bit. I need to get it done before I go back to Star Island. (I can't wait to go)

I know I have shown this rug before but it is yard sale season and just as a reminder if you find an old rug. I purchased this for 2.00 it was falling apart every where, If you touched it it ripped, and I didn't know what to do??? So husband got 
A piece of plywood we painted it black and I glued it on the board.
I do not recommend doing that to anything but a rug that is so unstable it will fall apart. After I ran a light vacuum over it and hung it on the porch and low and behold it has been there for years and years! So I was able to save it!  And I completely love it!
The blueberries are ripe! So we will hit the kayaks when it stops raining to pick and pick.We got lots last year and it was so wonderful to eat blueberry muffins when the snow was swirling and we were remembering the warm days in the kayak.
Have a wonderful weekend, we have a garden walk we want to attend if it is not raining. 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Happy July

This rug I hooked some years ago. It has several mistakes but I still love it.

We had some home time so we kayaked a bit it had been a while
but the old body felt good after.

We saw loons, loons that were still sitting on their nests
and not happy to have us near. 

We also got a chance to see the fireworks near by.

We got some time with this little firecracker.

As most of you know I have had an issue with sleeping it is a bit better but not by leaps and bounds. I pulled out my hooking I am taking a few minutes before bed to hook while sitting on our porch. It will hopefully help me relax and get ready to sleep.

My lavender is in bloom so I made a lavender wand to go in my wool to keep the bugs away. I laid one on my pillow it is suppose to help you sleep.

I hope you are all enjoying the long days. We have had some wild weather we had several tornado warnings in the same day which we never get so it was very nerve wracking. We had flooding rain
Which caused all kinds of issues. But the sun came out and was lovely for the 4th. 
Have a Great week!