Sunday, November 19, 2017


It seemed like one long week last week.
But the weekend came! I went berry picking for my Decorating with my sweet friend.

I bought a couple of very bad wreaths from
walmart and tried to give them a makeover.

I fell in love with this sweet little crooked tree at a little primitive shop I visited this week.

I have been hooking and it feels great to be back at it.
and in case you think I forgot about Thanksgiving....

For some reason I couldn't turn this around.
but it is my little turkey rug!
We got to see Miss B in her fall concert she was so good she had to get up in front of the parents with another little girl and read a part.
and it is always a great to see her.
Husband is again fighting pneumonia again. He gets it so easily since his transplant. He is on meds and we are laying low for awhile.
Thanksgiving is very low key for us.
I want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving 
we all have much to be thankful for.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


I work 40 plus hours most weeks so I never have much time to volunteer. But I am always happy to help bake.
Our little food pantry is giving out Thanksgiving baskets and this will be the third year I have baked pumpkin and banana breads to tuck into the baskets. (They are the little loaves)
It feels good to bake I have stopped baking for us as we needed to change our diet.

This is a pork pie a favorite of my French Canadian husband.
I have changed it around a little bit to help cut fat and it still tastes great! He was complaining that he has been so good he needed a treat. Yumm he was so happy to have a nice big slice and didn't notice the changes.
In a couple of weeks I am baking for a cookie walk that is a fund raiser. So the baking will go on.

We went into the cold this week yikes what a shock we have had such a warm fall. The wind blew and the temps dropped and the tiny snowflakes came.
The woodstove and the fireplace hummed happily keeping us warm so it was good to tuck in at the end of the day. 
On my way out of work I pass a homeless woman who insists on sleeping outside. For a lot of reasons, all not good, she refuses any help. ( she does get meals from the senior center, and people in town make sure she has food in the evening.) When I got out of work on Monday I could have cried seeing her sitting near the park with all her bags.
But it is her choice. I know the homeless shelter people come by to see her often. She will not go with them. She is a stronger woman than I am I could not do it.

Today Miss B and my daughter came for the day. 
We hit a couple of thrifts and our local dump.
I got these two working solar tops on the canning jars.
I have plans with Miss B for these.
We also found an american girl doll canopy bed free,it has a small break that husband can fix and Miss B's American girl doll can sleep in style. ( She has the doll that we bought for her mom at her age) I love passing down those crazy expensive dolls.
I hope your week was a good one and you were nice and warm.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


It may still be fall but I went to my first Christmas open house
this is one sweet shop. It is in a barn and her focus is stitching
but they do have some rug hooking. Her wool is lovely.

I bought a couple of books,red dot and this wreath/ candle holder
I know it is hard to see. I just love it I have kept it on the inside door so I can enjoy it. 

I got a chance to attend my rug hooking guild meeting and it was quillies

I had never made them before it was fun except when I burned my thumb so badly putting them on the tree form, it has bubbled up. 

Ok I know I have been talking about Christmas but really
I decorate for thanksgiving. 

These are old they are made from paper ribbon. My aunt gave them to me years ago. (the turkey is a candle)
What a week we had Last Sunday Oct 29th we had a northeaster
but with rain instead of snow. It took trees and light poles down by the dozens. We lost power about midnight. By Thursday I was desperate for power. And luckily we got it back! I feel for those who have been out a month or more in a Puerto Rico God bless them.
We also drove to Boston this week for husband's yearly which he did great. 
Have a great week everyone!!!

Monday, October 30, 2017


Halloween is just around the corner

So we are getting in the spirit.

Over the weekend we had sweet B overnight she has decided that 
I need to hook a few things for her. She would like this in a wall hanging. She also drew a bunny with carrots dancing round him for the floor. She took a bunny pillow I hooked some time ago she felt it would fit in her bedroom just great. I just love that she is excited about hooking. We were also watching a show that had genies with magical powers I asked if she would like to be a genie and she looked at me and said but Grammie I would be me then. Be still my heart, how I love that old soul wrapped in that little girl's body.

I finished my little piece now that I look at it is pretty plain. But It will go on a side table for the fall. 
We had a very large wind and rain storm last night, a lot of the state is out of power. We are on a dead end road with just a few other houses,and always the last to get it back. I was told that it would take several days. So I am happy to be at work with lights, the radio and the internet! 
Have a great week.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

A wonderful Fall

It has been an amazing fall. weather most days 70 with sun and light breeze. 

Usually by this time we have lost all the leaves and we are bundled up in jackets and wooly sweaters. I am not complaining for sure, we have not had to put our heat on once yet! But shall we pay for a warm fall with a wild winter? Only time shall tell.

My granddaughter Miss B came today to help me decorate for fall and halloween. 

She was funny as she pulled each piece out of the box.

She loves halloween as long as it is not to scary, I am with her!
Next weekend we get to have her overnight so her parents can go to a halloween party yeah for us!

This milkweed just waiting for a breeze to send all the seeds in the air reminds me of a million wishes. 
My mother and grandmother use to say
"If wishes were horses then beggars would ride" 
I had no idea what that meant as a kid, I just knew that they would not be granting that wish.
I told my daughter I had used up my wishes for a lifetime,as I have been blessed with a lot of wishes coming true. 
She did not agree she felt we should  keep on wishing. 
We raised a wise daughter.
Wishing you have a wonderful week!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

What A Difference A Week Makes...

The weather has been weird. Very warm and the foliage  
hasn't been as pretty as normally. Husband and I took a little 
drive north still very pretty.

Even if the color was past, the mountains are always beautiful.
We went to Littleton NH they have a wonderful Main Street. Such a sweet wonderful town in the north country.

The color is still pretty good near us, and so warm and wonderful.

While watching the football game we had the windows open and the curtains were blowing in the breeze so wonderful  for this time of year.

During football on tv, I hooked a bit It is starting to come along. 
We have also been watching the first season of Call of the midwife
We have been watching this series for some time but we had never watched the first year so we are enjoying it.

On my walk today I found this yikes!,but so pretty when you think about it. Pretty high up in that tree, so does that mean lots of snow?
I have the new farmer's almanac and that is what they predict so I guess we will have to wait and see.
I have a new phone and I am having a hard time with the camera. I can not transfer the pictures to the computer. I will have to find someone to help me. Any ideas? Samsun Galexy J7.
Another great week of weather ahead I am going to enjoy it as long as it lasts, I know what is coming!
Have a wonderful week.
Husband is feeling better and we are getting back into our routine.
If I have any advice you should know is never take the first Dr's advice, if there is a little something in your gut saying this is not right. Ask for a second opinion you are the boss of your care.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Unexpected Miracles

The weather has been so weird 80's and humid my gardens are 
are still blooming

We are usually at peak this weekend for color
but there are still lots of trees to turn.

My daughter bought the bracelet in the front for my birthday
last year. I have worn it most every day. 

On the back unexpected Miracles is printed. Well this past week we got one. Husband had a major health crisis very long story short he is going to be ok. While my daughter and I were waiting for husband to come back from a test we walked into the hospital gift store and found the second bracelet a tiny acorn. Which was perfect. It came with a card that said unexpected blessings. I know it is only
a bracelet but every time I saw it or touched it would remind me to believed it would be ok. We have much to be thankful for.

I haven't had much time for hooking but I did get a tiny bit done
Now hopefully I can sit and hook a bit.
Have a wonderful week! I hope you are counting your blessing too,
we all have so many.