Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Overload...

Our Thanksgiving was quiet but we made up for it that weekend.
My brother in law and his wife came for an overnight. We went out for a great meal and to see a comedian just a wonderful time.
Then My Miss B came in full cooking mode just what I love to see! She has her little apron on and I am letting her go for it she did  great! 

This would be her mom and dad trying to build her gingerbread house. Then Miss B and I took over and decorated. So fun and so hard to let her leave at the end of the day.

I got a head cold and on my way to get medicine I saw a rainbow.
You could see where it ended. If I hadn't had the head cold I might of tried to hike to see if there really is a pot of gold! Not!

We were suppose to head to Maine with friends but because I still had a bit of a head cold we decided it was best to stay away from them and not pass it on. So after napping husband said hey lets go to the parade.

This is small town at it's best!

And Santa coming in on a fire truck who could ask for more?

I did get to a couple of church sales, I got the cute tea towel and the forks. When they are cleaned up they are so sweet.

And I have been reading Susan Branch's Isle of Dreams. I am such a fan of hers and of course she included recipes. this is apricot and pineapple jam. Very very good! and super easy.

She also included how to make marshmallows.
I changed mine up just a bit I made them pink and put peppermint in so they would be yummy for hot chocolate. I am still waiting for them to set up I will let you know.

And this time of year husband wants pork pie. I learned how to make them from his great aunt, by the time I thought I would like to learn his mom had passed away. I grew up very English so I had no idea in this world what it was the first time it was served to me.
I had never seen ground pork before and that is what they use for stuffing. I was a teenager and sat at my husband's parent's thanksgiving table and thought to myself who puts Hamburg in a turkey??? We always had bread stuffing so I passed thank you very much. (I still prefer bread stuffing)
I hope you're all taking time to enjoy Christmas and not get caught up and over whelmed.
I had my old computer fixed and for the life of me I can not get into my blog! I can on husband's computer as I was signed in a long time ago. Can anyone tell me anything to help me out. The new dashboard????I might have to get a lesson somewhere or quit blogging.
Have a great week!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday was warm and beautiful, we got the leaves all taken care of and yard was looking great, So snow if you must!

We are tuck safely inside watching football (yes I like it)
It was a weekend we were not committed to going anywhere or doing anything. It was heaven! I hit a church sale and breakfast out with my sweet friend ahhhh...

This is a very bad picture of my front door. Yesterday was so nice
I hit the woods for some mixed greens and filled my 1.00 basket from last year.
I saved the bow, frosty twigs, and red berries from last year so free!

My sweet friend and I also got to hit the thrift this week.
I found four more on at dusk and off at dawn window candles.
I now have enough for the house.  I Love them and four for 2.00 is a deal. Last year I found them for 1.00 a piece! I think they sell for 10.00 a piece.

This week was the gathering of my women's group.
It was our annual Thanksgiving. The host cooks the turkey and the rest of us bring the fixings. It is such a wonderful group of women.
When David was so sick they all descended on my house cutting back gardens, raking, and stacking wood. My daughter was here when they came, she was so amazed at how wonderful they were. 
We have been meeting 13 years. We try monthly but it doesn't always happen. We celebrate each other which is such a joy.
Each time we meet we put a few bucks in the thankful basket and tell what we are thankful for. At the end of the year the money is donated to a worthy cause.
I think there were 5 of us missing so a large group.
I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!
Ours is very quiet, we treat ourselves to Lobster.
We are expecting company for the weekend though so it will all be a blur from here to Christmas.

Monday, November 14, 2016

I've Been busy..

I have been working on a tree skirt for my daughter.
I decided to do it in my hand writing and just go for it.
The pattern is just for a table piece. Now for all the stitching.

A girl I know from town dropped off some wool from her mother.
This beautiful blanket was in it, it's from April Cornell. I have washed it and now it resides on my chair for the chilly nights to nice to cut up.
My cousin's daughter got married over the weekend. It was very fun to go to Maine and see most of my family. And Dance and dance!
So I would like you to guess which one is the Maine Game Warden, and which one is the Maine State Trooper. Their vows included helping to shine each others boots :)

I got to shop a little on the way there, I got a cute vintage santa for cheap and the best smelling candle I have ever had.
Rum Raisin.
I need help! I just had my computer fixed and google chrome was put on I can not seem to figure how to post on blogger from my computer any help out there for me?

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Oh To Sleep...

I  have not been sleeping well at all lately. It is an issue I have had off  and on
For awhile. I have done everything I have read about. I walk every day,
I have lost weight,no chocolate or caffeine after noon. I drink sleepy tea, read before bed,etc etc
Friday night I was up watching Christmas movies
Unil 4 am!

So I have gotten a lot done. I am making a tree skirt 
For my daughter.

Here is the pattern I am adapting. I do not like hand stitching and I am not good at it  I love seeing  other people's work .

I have hooked a little between lamb toungs.

And this is sweet B's school picture. 
I asked her who the beautiful girl in the picture was She said it's me see we have the same glasses.
Love that sweet girl.
Have a  great week

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

If The Witch's Shoe Fits...

Not to bad for 1.00 shoes, some spray paint and some black glitter.

So if it fits wear it!

And this would be the rest of the gang.
my son in law is Elvis but I think he has it on sideways.
My daughter is medusa, the hungry caterpillar, and husband
in nose and glasses with a cane to swing. Very cold but lots of candy. 

I found a hook at the thrift for 1.00 I don't find them much anymore.

And tis the season to start hooking for Christmas!

Most of the foliage is gone but still very pretty. We are going back into the warm weather for a couple of days. I will take all I can get.
Have a great week.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

More Of the Rug Show And A Hike

A few more rugs remember you can click on them and make them bigger. I love the umbrella so sweet

The color on this one much brighter than it shows.

So sweet.

This is so lovely great fine hooking

A great primitive

Who doesn't think leaves blew in on a scatter rug and they said ah ha that's a good rug!

My friend Lise did this one so sweet.

good color

And my winnings from prims by the water,
Sooo sweet I love it.

Off for a quick hike today as it gets dark so early now we don't have much time during the week. We missed the good color but this road is sweet anyway.

A little water fall that has a swimming hole under it. But way to cold for that! we didn't get out of the low 40's all day and snow and rain for tomorrow.

On our way out so pretty.
We have no plans for the weekend for the first time in months!
I don't know if I am happy or scared.
have a great rest of your week.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Hook In

Saturday I was lucky enough to go to a hook in my guild held.
There were so many rugs and I am sad to say I did not do well
with all the information. So enjoy the show I will post more
later in the week.

The Sheep was cut out of a pattern that the hooker was not sure she liked the pattern as a whole.

The fish was hooked by a lady who went to Star Island with us this year. She got a blue ribbon at Deerfield fair.

This rug was hooked in memory of her family that were stone cutters. It is so much more beautiful in person.

Good color for a shaped heart rug.

This is a larger rug but great color.

My sweet friend and I got to hike  a bit this week.
The color is fading but still very pretty.

We got lots of rain and wind this weekend so I am sure our hike this week the trees will be bare. And we got snow up north the seasons they are a changing.

This is a picture of pure bunny love.
Miss B got a bunny! It is so cute I visited this week.
When she gets home she opens his cage and sits on the floor and reads to the bunny to get him use to her. He hops out and nibbles at the pages so stinking cute.
I won the cutest give away at Prims by the water. I will try to
post the pictures next post I hope. For some reason this computer is giving me fits! Thank you Janice so much I love the hand made candle mat and the sweet primitive pumpkin.
I hope you are enjoying fall.