Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bloom Where You Are Planted.....

I know that is a tired old saying. But a while a go we toyed with the idea of moving closer to our sweet B. We only have one daughter and one grandchild, they live a hour away.(I know I know it could be worse.) But by the time we see her again 5 weeks will have passed. But.....

I drive only 5 minutes to work and I have 5 more years of work, so
it made no sense to make the move at this time. So we stay and bloom. Last week we hiked to watch the full moon rise over NH. I will tell you coming down in the dark was a bit creepy yikes!

We went to a concert in our local common.

Took a little hike today to profile falls, yes those people at the top scare the you know what out of me.There is a large swimming whole at the bottom and no they can not jump or they will die.

We jumped in the kayak and headed for the blueberries on our favorite pond. We hit a honey hole of beautiful blueberries. We ran out of containers so we had to head home. I am cleaning and freezing them now. I made blueberry scones this morning, with fresh coffee such a great way to start the day.

We have been in the heat and humidity. More than is normal for us
last night it broke and whole hail! I thought it was coming through our skylights.
I hope your week was a good one and you got to enjoy a piece of the summer.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

It Is About The Little Things.....

Sat morning we headed out with friends for a garden tour
put on by a local garden club. While the gardens were beautiful
It was all about the settings. Yes this is what this house looked at everyday.....sigh....

This is a little section of garden by their back deck so lovely

We spied fairy houses at some of the homes,so lucky to have a fairy living near by..

And while there were so many beautiful gardens, I came home to mine. This is by the back door nope no fairies living there.

This is a rare selfie and it makes me laugh, we look so serious. We were on kayaks,I think we were trying to figure it out and forgot to smile.

A great paddle with Loons and their babies coming so close I could have touched the babies. I just sat as still as I could and they swam by, the little babies are a ball of fuzz and make little noises all the time. Pure joy to be so close. One of the adults saw me and started calling I was a bit scared as they are big birds and could hurt me if they wanted,but I kept very still and they forgot about me and continued to dive for fish.

Every Thursday is farmer's market day. A young man was selling his mushrooms so fun to see how he grows them. He is turning his family land back into farm land. He had such a big smile on his face when he was telling me this.  

I got Deanne's new book in the mail and I have spent some porch sitting time reading it. A wealth of information.

I feel the world is spinning out of control, my heart is so broken. So we are staying close to home in our little tiny town and do the things that make us happy. We have found the little things make us the happiest a good meal, a good walk, a paddle on a pond, and great company of family and friends.
I hope you are all safe and finding your joy.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Ruby

Summer is in full swing here in NH. Lots of porch sitting..

Concerts on the town common and as always thrifting.

I have taken the best part of 3 days to really clean out my spare room that I use for my wool. I had a car full to take to the thrift store, and really while I was there I had to look around. Lookie what I found! 3.50 for both no cracks perfect in everyway! so happy!

I have also acquired a new hook for my collection thanks to my sweet friend.

My bowl is getting full of great hooks.

I think I have lost my hooking mojo.
Nothing seems right to me, I pull out more than I put in.
So I have found the ruby beholder. It is a tool to help
with color planning. I am hoping it helps me because I need help!

It is mostly used by quilters but I was told a long time ago
it can be a help color planning a rug, we shall see.
Have a great week.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Home From The Beach

We are blessed with wonderful friends who own a beach house
in Maine, You can't get any better than this...

The sunset from the back decks were lovely this is reflecting in the
river in the back.

We ate and drank very well.

We headed to Kennebunk for some shopping. I though this boat
full of flowers was so cute and they were all over town.

Well since we were in Kennebunk I had to hit camp wool
They have moved just up the street from where they were before and what a good move. Lots of light and space. Of course I bought a bit of wool who wouldn't?

We hit Bentley's for lunch it is a biker bar, but lunch time is very
mellow and the food is great. Husband had a great time.

I took an extra day off so I had the day to
weed the garden, clean out my spare bedroom and get caught up
on my laundry. Back to work tomorrow.
I hope your holiday was a good one.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Duck Itch...

A very busy weekend that ended with me having duck itch!
Trust me this picture is way cuter than the real thing ick and they do mean itch but I am coming out of it.

We are babysitting the grand dog while the kids camp.
He is a pound puppy who loves being with his grandparents.
He is an old guy now, his only down fall is garbage, he never met a can he didn't like.

Pepe had a birthday and Miss B was more than happy to help him celebrate.

She went to a fairy house build. As you can see this is right up Pepe"s alley. This was before B had the hot glue incident. It wasn't much but I know it hurts so I plunged her hand in her sippy cup. All is well.
I can't believe the fourth is coming up this weekend.
Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Solstice And A Rug Show

This would be the strawberry moon shining on Squam lake
(AKA Golden Pond)Just breath taking.

Ok it would not be a week without the B. She graduated pre K
and they had a circus theme look who's a clown!

Sat we headed to Brunswick Maine for my aunties 50th anniversary.
What a lovely party and so good to see family.

I had not been to Brunswick in years so we stayed over night poked around, had dinner etc. We found this suspension foot bridge it moved when you walked on it.

This is the woven iron strands that holds the whole thing up.

On the way home we stopped in an antique store and they had lots of rugs.
This one was framed under glass loved it.

A very small cut on this one.

And I have seen this pattern a few times.

I liked this one the color was better in person.

This was described as stump work not sure what stump work is but
it sure looks like walderboro rugs

And if rugs are not your cup of tea maybe
a squirrel or a chipmunk bum would suit your fancy.
I love how they have the string on the chipmunk kind of looks like a thong yikes! and 59.00 a piece. David had all kinds of good ideas for these. "we could make it look like they got suck in the side of the house" ummm nope no rodent butts for me.
Have a great week now that it is officially summer.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bogged Down..

Husband and I got out of the house on Sunday for a little walk.
We walked a trail in the woods sorry no pictures but got out just as it was raining.
Then on the way home we stopped at this bog that has a board walk all the way around it.
It has been cold windy and rainy so we didn't get it all done
But we have vowed to go back on a nicer day.

Lots of really sweet flowers all around the bog.

In lots of pretty colors... And speaking of colors...

I started my rug I have pulled out the wing on the bird 3 times and I and I am still not happy.
I want it to
kind of resemble a cardinal.

I was going to rip out the initials but husband said no it looks like someone carved it.
But I really want your opinion.  

I visited a great garden center today that has a amazing fairy night every year.
It is getting harder and harder to get tickets to but I vow to get them this year. How much would Miss B love that??
There is going to be unicorn, and some other fairy delights in the gardens that are lit at night by fairy lights! Husband bought me this cricket there he said it was good luck let's hope.