Sunday, January 21, 2018

A Hook In- Kennebunkport

I was lucky enough to attend a hook in, in Kennebunkport Maine.
I was suppose to leave Wed but snow. So early Thur morning down I went for 4 days. I took 3 unfinished pieces that have been a thorn in my side, some for years, to finish. The first one is what I worked on,on Star Island this past fall. I know it looks funny at the top by the light house,but truly it is nice and straight.

This rug is very special to me. I was lucky enough a few years ago to spent some time with a friend from Canada I met on my blog.
We met in Maine at my other sweet friend's (who is also my husband's cousin) for a fun weekend.
Kim gifted us with this rug depicting the three of us that Deanne Fitzpatrick designed for us and only us!!! 
I am so close to being done so I can hang this is a special place. 

And this a free rug from Cushings at Christmas time.
Donna also got to finish her rug that is the same. I wish I had taken a picture of it. It is kind of fun seeing the same pattern done by different people.

I am showing only small bits of a very large rug that a woman who was at the hook in designs herself. Look at this woodpecker!!!

This is turned but so amazing.

Even her ferns are amazing.
We didn't have the big throw down so not a lot of other rugs to show. 
Time away is always so wonderful with other hookers.
Lots of laughs and some wine, oh and margarita night that were yummy. And lots and lots of food..
I am home feet up watching my Patriots.
Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Crazy Weather

In one week we went from minus 25 to this! with Rain, lots and lots of rain! we lost about 15 inches of snow in a 24 hour period. So there was flooding. Not near us, but in our town roads were closed. Then it all froze what a mess! it was 1 degree this morning.

I stayed in and dyed some wool. light is before, dark after,  I love how it came out. I have a lot of straight colored wool that I would not probably use. I like the mottled wool better. I am not confident dying wool but I need to do more of it so that I will use my wool and not keep buying and buying.

I got up early and out in 1 degree weather to go to guided meditation this morning. I was horrid at it my mind kept running away with me. I just could not settle! so I am going to try a little on my own before I go back next month. I found a youtube that may work for me.

Sweet B visited today, that always makes it a great day! 
We baked, played games and she helped me sort out the pile of books I have for when she comes. Her reading level is jumping up by leaps and bounds and as she said she doesn't need baby books any more. Her mom was always a wonderful reader too,so happy to see B love reading.
(Do you see the hand hanging on the frig by her head? That is her mom's hand when she was in first grade. B always puts her hand to measure against her mom's so sweet.)

When the weather gets cold I get cooking not really sure why except we love to eat and it feels cozy to have a warm oven going.
I made scones Sat morning a half batch with blueberries. Then I was watching cooks country and saw the pizza recipe. I made that Sat night and it was wonderful! A  keeper for sure.
Tonight pork loin with roasted veggies.
I have been getting ready for my 5 day rug hooking retreat in Kennebunk Me. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and relaxing. I just pray for good weather to get there and back.
Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Oh The Cold!

We have been in the deep freeze for longer than I can to to think about and if we are not super cold it is snowing. We have gotten more snow that most full winters already. Because it has been so cold most of us have been housebound no skiing, walks, or snowshoeing. 

Saturday we never got above zero we were minus -6  at noon.
I decided to do the bake along with King Arthur Flour, it came out wonderful. I also sorted out my craft room to get things together for my rug hooking retreat in Maine this month. I have realized that I have 3 on going projects. I hit a rough spot and I set it aside and start something else. Well my resolution is to finish up what I have going before I can start another project. Most of the three pieces are at least half done and not to large.

We are warming up this week (yahoo) my daughter and grand daughter will be skiing this week with school so it is good it is warming up, but they are calling for an ice storm by weeks end ugh!
I finally got new glasses this week but they are going to take some getting use to. They are a bit different than I had. They do seem to fit my face better and are comfortable. It is sure nice to see again.
My sister in law retired this past Thursday. Lucky her! I hope she enjoys every minute of it she earned it as an ER nurse for years.
But I can not wait for my turn! 
Have a great week!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Very Very Cold And Snowy Christmas

Snow was in the forecast for Christmas day so my daughter and son in law invited us to stay overnight Christmas eve. We are an hour from them on mostly back roads so we were happy to stay.
We got to hear the night before christmas read before bed. We hadn't heard that since my daughter was living home. And the best part is we got to see sweet B on Christmas morning! 
As you can see behind husband the snow is coming down pretty hard( we got 9 inches on top of what we had). He is modeling his new wooden sunglasses. The frames are all beautiful stained woods. 

I took a couple of extra days off from work to relax and enjoy
I am so glad I did. 
We have been below zero most nights for about 4-5 days and the days only gets to low single numbers..the wind is brutal so we haven't gotten out a lot. We had snow squalls come through yesterday. David has kept the wood stove humming in the basement to help the furnace. We tried to get out to dinner with friends they made it but had to leave in a hurry for furnace and frozen pipe issues. I am sure many are dealing with the same thing. Our highest mountain broke records with the cold and hurricane force winds. I think they were -34 with the wind chill of -89 not fit for man nor beast
This is much colder than we are use to in December so maybe a short winter????PLEASE
We are trying to avoid sickness it hits David so hard. I have pretty much lost my voice but I am not sick, no sore throat, etc. I think the dryness of the cold air has done me in. I could use a vat of lotion to jump in! I swear husband will wake up one morning to find a pile of dust where I use to be! My skin is so dry. Hell getting old.!
Happy New Year to my sweet blog friends 
Do you made resolutions? Or just say a prayer of thanks for getting through another year? It was a hard one for us. We lost a very long time friend. I miss her so much. And husband had more health issues but hopefully he is going to have a very healthy year!
Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Snow Snow Snow

Merry Christmas! 
We are waiting for the 3rd snowstorm in 4 days.
Today will be nicer and then Christmas day we are in for it again.
So we are headed to Sweet B's house for overnight tonight.
We usually go to their house by noon christmas day,that gives them some family time together before both sides of the family lands. But I am afraid we would not make it if we waited. Part of me is very happy we will see her little face on Christmas morning.
This afternoon we are having our sweet friends in for football and lobster stew. Now for cleaning up yesterday's storm that put us without power for 3 hours. I am thankful it was only 3 hours.
Merry Christmas my sweet blog friends.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Everything's Fuzzy!!!!

Cleaning the snow off my car, the lenses kept getting snow on them. I put them in my pocket....

My backup glasses are so scratched it doesn't help.
Ok I am not leaving the house in these but if I want to watch tv and hook I had to do it. I will order new ones after Christmas. (I did try to order a pair at wal-mart to hold me over until I get a good pair. The girl had such an attitude problem, so I left!)
Still working on this piece. I have my Christmas cards sent....

And the baking done. We drop off goodies to the local 
highway crew they work long hard hours and we appreciate it.
So time to just enjoy...

On Wed my sweet friend Cathy and I went out for a couple of 
apps and drinks. this place is on the lake and just amazing!

It is beautiful inside and out..

Not a bad place to hang out...

Or to look at the lake.
We enjoyed ourselves so much!
My daughter is really great at teaching sweet B 
to write thank you notes and her own cards to family and friends.
This goes with the gifts that she baked her teacher. She loves her teaching, so sweet.
Christmas is around the corner, I would like to wish you
a season of Peace and Joy.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Charmed Life

This year I have been reading Simple Abundance by Sara Breathnatch. It is daily thoughts on life.
This was about reading the glossy magazines and seeing the charmed lives that people are leading. She feels we should all take a good look at our own lives and see that a charmed life can be many things.

I belong to a wonderful women's group. We are a diverse group but what we have in common is really caring about each other and supporting each other through life. They have done wonderful things for me when my husband was going through his transplant.

These three have my heart. My sweet B with Santa, my daughter and son in law. I am so proud of those two,what wonderful parents they are!
Sat morning
 I ran errands around town. I bumped into people I knew every where. Some I hadn't seen in awhile lots of catching up, smiles, and hugs, small town
living at it's best.

We did get snow like most of the east coast. Besides being pretty we are safe and toasty. I went out to help husband with clean up shoveling walkways and cleaning cars. I was walking down our steep driveway and did a split! I haven't done a split in NEVER!
I sat in the snow for a bit taking stock of what was hurting or broken. Husband came running but really I am pretty good!! 
Not bad for an Gramie.

I spent the afternoon decorating, my feather tree with antique ornaments

I bought this hand carved santa this year at a church sale for .50 I put a little dark wax on him and he looks wonderful!

My little village, all vintage paper houses.

We are tucked in while the woodstove is doing it's job in the basement, We are enjoying a cup of tea..

I should be writing christmas cards but hooking calls.
While life has not been easy the past 6 years, I am leading a charmed life with many blessings that I am very thankful for.
Have a wonderful week, take time to make memories with loved ones and enjoy a hot cup of tea.