Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Duck Itch...

A very busy weekend that ended with me having duck itch!
Trust me this picture is way cuter than the real thing ick and they do mean itch but I am coming out of it.

We are babysitting the grand dog while the kids camp.
He is a pound puppy who loves being with his grandparents.
He is an old guy now, his only down fall is garbage, he never met a can he didn't like.

Pepe had a birthday and Miss B was more than happy to help him celebrate.

She went to a fairy house build. As you can see this is right up Pepe"s alley. This was before B had the hot glue incident. It wasn't much but I know it hurts so I plunged her hand in her sippy cup. All is well.
I can't believe the fourth is coming up this weekend.
Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Solstice And A Rug Show

This would be the strawberry moon shining on Squam lake
(AKA Golden Pond)Just breath taking.

Ok it would not be a week without the B. She graduated pre K
and they had a circus theme look who's a clown!

Sat we headed to Brunswick Maine for my aunties 50th anniversary.
What a lovely party and so good to see family.

I had not been to Brunswick in years so we stayed over night poked around, had dinner etc. We found this suspension foot bridge it moved when you walked on it.

This is the woven iron strands that holds the whole thing up.

On the way home we stopped in an antique store and they had lots of rugs.
This one was framed under glass loved it.

A very small cut on this one.

And I have seen this pattern a few times.

I liked this one the color was better in person.

This was described as stump work not sure what stump work is but
it sure looks like walderboro rugs

And if rugs are not your cup of tea maybe
a squirrel or a chipmunk bum would suit your fancy.
I love how they have the string on the chipmunk kind of looks like a thong yikes! and 59.00 a piece. David had all kinds of good ideas for these. "we could make it look like they got suck in the side of the house" ummm nope no rodent butts for me.
Have a great week now that it is officially summer.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bogged Down..

Husband and I got out of the house on Sunday for a little walk.
We walked a trail in the woods sorry no pictures but got out just as it was raining.
Then on the way home we stopped at this bog that has a board walk all the way around it.
It has been cold windy and rainy so we didn't get it all done
But we have vowed to go back on a nicer day.

Lots of really sweet flowers all around the bog.

In lots of pretty colors... And speaking of colors...

I started my rug I have pulled out the wing on the bird 3 times and I and I am still not happy.
I want it to
kind of resemble a cardinal.

I was going to rip out the initials but husband said no it looks like someone carved it.
But I really want your opinion.  

I visited a great garden center today that has a amazing fairy night every year.
It is getting harder and harder to get tickets to but I vow to get them this year. How much would Miss B love that??
There is going to be unicorn, and some other fairy delights in the gardens that are lit at night by fairy lights! Husband bought me this cricket there he said it was good luck let's hope.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

I Picked Up A Hook Again!

We met up with Miss B and her parents where they were
camping. Just a lovely sunset....

And it just kept going!

My friend and I got a hike in this week to our
favorite place. You can see forever from this spot.

And we saw lots and lots of these beautiful
lady slippers. which is always a treat.

I went to the dump
and look what I found! I tucked them all by
the car when I got there so I could empty the
car and put them in. I had 2 people ask me if I was
dropping them off, Nope picking up.
Miss B is going to Disney this year so I think Mini
will look great on the porch of her play house.

And yes I picked up the hook again. I bought
a new pattern got it transferred and the binding on.

Even my wool is happy to have me back!

And before bed I am reading, I love Kate Morton
It is a rainy cool day today
I made a beef stew and biscuits
and we have our feet up watching old movies.
Which feels good, We did yard work all day yesterday and the poor
old bones need the rest. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016


A few weeks ago coming home from Miss B's and who do we meet but a moose.(not this moose but one just a big) It was dark and I was driving while husband slept. I thought I saw something on the yellow line and then I saw him move his head. He was across my lane, I saw him in plenty of time to stop. I said "moose" husband sat up straight in his seat! The moose looked at us for a bit and just walked into the woods. There were no other cars around so I was very thankful I was able to see it ahead of time.

We planted our little veggie garden and I put in a few
flowers not many. this is a Rosemary I have kept for a few years.
I have to bring it in in the winter as it will die on the first frost. I added a germanium

I caught a gnome passing by.

Some lily of the valley that smells amazing.
We went to a wedding yesterday for my brother in law.
It was held outside and
it was so hot! it was in the 90's with high, high, humidity.
It actually made me sick. I do not like that kind of weather
and this came out of now where.
I am happy right here.....ahhhh

It is cooler now but going into the heat again this week.
I have bought a new rug pattern I need to get hooking again hopefully I will get it transferred before winter.
Have a Great Week Everyone!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Beware Of Proud Grandmother With A Camera

Recital time! yes that is our sweet B doing a spoon full of sugar.

Oh what a great job she did! So very proud of her.
She also did a ballet number but I didn't get great pictures of that.

Then Monday off we went to a Fancy Nancy tea!
And of course we had to be fancy.

It was in the library and what a wonderful job they did!
flower arrangements and glass tea cups and tea pots.

I added some fancy sandwiches....

And fairy popcorn that was a hit. If you look closely you will see

This is Miss B's mom and my AMAZING daughter looking all fancy.

And yes I got fancy too. How can you not love that sweet little face! Oh Miss B you have me wrapped around your tiny little finger.
Thank you for sticking with this post to the end!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dinner And A Walk

There have been ups and downs with the weather rainy and then really nice. Thur I met a friend for dinner and walk

This restaurant is on the lake and it has a nice board walk around
the shore.

This is before all the summer people have come so it is quiet
and peaceful.

This belongs to a hotel near by. A pretty nice spot on a
brisk summer night.

There are also sculptures along the walk.
I am in love with this pine cone it is about 4 feet tall.

and it is built out of these! Shovel heads all welded on to an iron pole.
I have been using an app on my phone to measure my steps and time that I walked. I am down a few pounds and feeling better
Have a great week everyone!