Sunday, July 20, 2014

Do I Smell Donuts?

The world news has been heart breaking. 
I needed a diversion.
On Thursday a friend and I took a walk around her town
to see all of the sculptures that have been installed.
Then we went to the beach bar for a drink.

As we were having our drink the Mt. Washington 
boat come into the dock. While we both have seen this boat
a hundred times and have been on it many times we both grabbed
phones and took pictures, so pretty

Friday after work husband and I loaded up the kayaks and 
headed to a small pond. We were the only two on the pond.

We floated around and watched this loon preen, a lot!
So peaceful.

And he left a present! I love that the sky is reflected in this picture.

We stuck close to the house and did some things
we have been putting off. Like sealing the porch floor.
quite a difference:) 

I did some gardening

and general cleaning.

I have been thinking about my mom and grandparents
a lot lately. My brother is coming home in a couple of weeks
and when he is home we talk about them a lot.
When I was cleaning out cookbooks I found a recipe that was 
my mothers....

For Molasses donuts. My gram made these for us all the time.
Maybe they have been thinking about us. 
Heaven knows...
I have lots of prayers for the world right now. But I just can't 
watch the news. I am feeling very blessed to live in 
such a quiet peaceful place that restores my soul.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back To The Beach

Back to the beach I went! This time it was just 
my friend and I alone(no husbands). We headed down to the waters edge
to gaze at the super moon before we hit the bed and out thrifting 
the next day!

some of my finds.
I love these little pin cushions and for .50 it's a deal.

I bought the lamp had the lamp shade.
It now lives on my counter.

A couple of sheep from a creche I think, they are clay 
I paid 1.00 

Small metal animals I will use with my Christmas
paper houses.

A old balsam bag. I am going to take it apart and 
dump out the old balsam. I have new to replace it.
But so dang cute!
(kind of sums me up having a hard time sleeping)

A bicycle basket, I pulled a old bicycle out of the dump
a long time ago and this will fit nicely filled with flowers or herbs.

This is my project! It think in the end it will be great.
This is an old butter churn that was stored in a basement.
It has issues I do have the lid that fits and the crank handle, but for 10.00 I knew I could do something great.
Behind this topiary wire is a bread board that matches the 
old butter churn. Then my wheels started churning.

A dowel will go through the holes in the paddles and hold
the hand crank on. Some cleaning up, attach the bread board for the top and voila you have an amazing one of a kind side table! 
You can use the open paddle side for storage of magazines, wool etc. What do you think? I will show it when we get it all fixed up.
I also got lots and lots of clothes I am wearing the brooks brothers shorts today now for 2.00 that is a deal!

After I dragged myself home from the beach we headed to story land with Miss B and her parents. It was a nice hot day and guess who got into a water fight on one of the water rides? Yep B's parents and her pepe. And they were very proud of themselves for it too.:)

While at the beach I met a blogger!Fuzzy Slippers Designs, Moriah.
It was so funny they are related to my close friends and while they were at the beach they stopped by. My friend was on the phone so I answered the door and who do I recognize? Their sweet new puppy. It is always so nice to meet other bloggers.
Well I have been long winded enough I hope everyone is surviving the storms, we are very humid not the normal weather for us.
So it is very hard to get motivated for anything. I am on my 
porch and I think I will hang out a while longer listen to music and read.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What Can You Get For 7.00..

I had 7.00 burning a hole in my pocket and this is what I purchased.
I have been reading Susan Branch's blog and 
love her books. But the used book store manager in me
just can not buy a book new. So for 1.00 I am happy.

I have a thing for nice heavy glasses. these 4 were
new in the box and then I see that they are PGA golf glasses
so I think they may hit ebay and not my cupboards. 2.00 for set of 4

Naturalizer sandals that fit great they do not 
look used, the bottoms have little to no wear. 2.00.
I also bought a frame for a picture I am trying to frame for 1.00

You could buy a bottle of this wine from traders Joes
and have change in your pocket! 5.99 a bottle so so good.
We bought a case:)

Or for free you can make a lavender bottle
from your fresh lavender. I will tuck it in my linens.

 Or you can go to the library and get a free read that will
make you laugh out loud. 
This summer is rolling along way to fast.
We have been in the hot and muggies lately but it seems
to be drying up tonight. I was able to get lots of little chores done
with the cooler air in place. 
I have been making unsweetened iced green tea thinking that it would be 
better for me than any kind of sweet drink. But I did not know it has caffeine!  No wonder I have not been sleeping! 
I have lots to show you from last weekend my friend and I are
super thrifters when we get together. So say tuned!
Be grateful for the doors of opportunity, and for the friends
who oil the hinges.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

We Went To The Beach

We went to Maine to Wells Beach to visit friends. Wednesday was so hot and humid 
but not at the beach it was cool and beautiful.
This was the view from their beach house. So beautiful!
And then the hurricane came in. Wind and Rain nothing damaging but very damp.
Out came the rainbow. So time to party on...

Very yummy watermelon drinks ( so much for the diet)

We watched fireworks from the porch and did have time to 
yard sale a bit. Great food, great friends, great views just perfect.

So the sun has set on another vacation and time with friends.
I hope your 4th was a happy and safe one with people you love.
On another note David had a check up in Boston and got a great report.
There are good ships, and there are bad ships, but the best ships are friendships.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Lavender Is In Bloom

My little fishy got to go swimming.

In the same place that her mother spent a lot of 
her summers when she was little.                                               Squam lake beach in our little town.
Not a bad place to spend the day.

My daughter and I did get out to the church sale nice and early and found some goodies the pink under the scarf and cd is a pair of LL bean pants
in a size smaller! My weight is coming off but, very very slowly. Lets hope that means it stays off.

We spent today decorating the house for the 4th of July.

The porch was the first to get it.

I put out my flag pillows

Ran a new flag up the flag pole and now we are
looking forward to the Holiday. We have some time off coming and
we are looking forward to some great fun with great friends.

The lavender is in bloom and all is right with the world
Have a great week!
A child only educated at school is an uneducated child.
George Santayana

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Cupboard

Last Saturday I got to a Sale for the first time in weeks and weeks.
I just fell in love with this little oil painting. I could dream I will retire there with a Gardner of course.

On the bottom of the pile is a vintage tablecloth I got
for 1.00 I love them for our porch. and Who doesn't like good
old Frank for .50. There is also a vintage nursery rhyme book there too.

I have had no time to go through it but I am
sure there is something good to make.

Several weeks ago David picked up some free wood
I took some pictures of what he made, I am so loving it.

It is so darling I love the color and the space
in between with the counter.

It is made from a slab of old wood.

So what are your thoughts cause I am thinking
I may want this. But I have no earthly place to put it.
So I guess he will sell it.

Maybe I will keep this old paddle for over the fireplace.
We are going to have our Miss B over night
on Friday so excited and then spend Saturday at 
the local science center where they have live animals
that live in our area. They only keep ones that were hurt and could
not be put back in the wild.
Perhaps the best thing about the future is that it comes just one day at a time.