Monday, September 1, 2014

Life Is So Busy

I have been picking blackberries like crazy trying to keep ahead of the bear that takes a short cut through our yard often. I may try to
make jelly soon. 

I had my women's group over last Wed.
We were talking about how busy life is and then someone says
"busy doing what?". It got very quiet and then we decided we
made it busy because we are all of an age that our children are grown.

How sweet is my husband helping me get things together for 
my women's group! He felt bad I had to work so much last
week that he really stepped up and helped me pull things together,
including arranging flowers.

I bought some wild blueberries the nice small ones so sweet
and good. I have been making blueberry muffins and 
peach and blueberry cobbler for my friend that dropped in for tea.

We did get to kayak and watch a mother loon
teaching her young one how to dive.

And of course our sweetie Miss B! We went to the lake
with my daughter, son in law and of course miss B.
On Friday we went to a concert in the gazebo in town and watched the fire works over the lake after.
On Saturday we went to a little restaurant that brings in live talent
and enjoyed a girl we had heard before. 
On Sunday we saw Miss B and today I had to work. Busy!
I am not sleeping well at all. I envy all of you that have no trouble
sleeping. Tonight when we were taking our walk after dinner I felt 
so tired right down to my bones. So early to bed, I think I will have to break down and take something. 
Now all I need to do is hit the lottery then I can free up time by quitting work. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

I Have a Bowl Problem

This made me smile, a happy little bee was on my windshield
one. morning before work.

This is A Nicolas Mosse bowl I bought for .50 

This bowl is pricey new and I just love it..

Then for 1.00 I got this one at a church sale pottery,
cream color so cute.

And this one at the same sale 3.00 a very pretty green..

They look kind of cute stacked.

Or filled with peaches from our neighbor.
They had to pick them tonight because they caught a bear
picking what he wanted.

This is not a bowl but bowl like shape.

It is a plant pot hull and free from Ta Da Dump!
No cracks great shape.

So you don't think I only buy bowls, how cute is this 
We have been busy some hiking and family time.
Miss B got new glasses and she looks so grown up:( but so stinking cute!
The end of summer is here, the trees have already started their 
change. I love the fall but it is not long enough. 
I hope you have all been enjoying the last of summer too,
because if the old farmers almanac is right we are in for it again this winter.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Selling A Cutter...

I hit a thrift this week and found some goodies.
Can you tell I am always thinking of the kids at Easter and
every other holiday?

Family cookout on husband's side. Lots of fun our son in law in the green, husband's brother next to him,
and  husband in the straw hat. They were playing corn hole and by the looks of it son in law was winning.

There was lots of great food and 
Chocolate cake! Sweet Miss B!

And cousins (only one missing) my sweet daughter in the white.

now on to the cutter

I am selling this cutter that I have never used. I think it is 
also used for the strips for braiding. I did buy it used.
You can see it here! On ebay.
A full week ahead and a big thrift sale on Friday. 
Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What's Been Happening You Ask????

the super moon was beautiful I took a thousand pictures
but noting came out as beautiful as it really was.

We went to the science center. who? Well husband, Miss B
and ME!

There were lots of animals to see. Hey you look very well fed
have you been in my hosta????

Miss B had a blast playing with all interactive displays
Later we went swimming to say we were tired was an understatement.

We have friends with chickens so what a pleasure
to have two dozen given to us when we saw him at 
the town meet and greet. (The dump:)

I made big flowers for the window of the book store I manage.
I have gotten so many compliments on them, all from old book pages.

We also got our first cord of wood delivered.
Husband went to drop off a check for the wood 
and took a picture of his wood wall! This wood is all sold!(That is a full size tractor)
We have been getting our wood from this guy for several years.
and lately wood dealers have been hard to come by so he is getting swamped with requests, so glad he is taking good care of us.
We are off to a family cook out this weekend and Sunday I have no plans yahoo. I have been working a lot of hours lately love the money hate how tired I am.
There is nothing like a dream to create the future.
Victor Vallery

Thursday, August 7, 2014

House Guests, Family Reunion, A Birthday And Some Great Finds

A Family Reunion with pictures and pictures....
(my sweet auntie)

The elder of the family a very young 90 lives on her own 
and walks right along "No help thank you very much"

There were campfires and toasted marshmallows...

There were hikes 

And swimming

There was a birthday dinner with my sweet friend.( This was the view)

Such thoughtful gifts, I am so blessed.

After taking my brother and nephew to the airport we hit the 
restore that is about 2 miles from our house. It is a habitat for humanity store.
I got this great basket no breaks for the amazing price of 5.00! 

This copper onion light 2.00 ( I am now looking for another one for a special project)

And this really cute Stafford dog not really Stafford but for 1.00 good enough for me.
The summer has flown by and our nights are getting cooler, the days are a bit shorter.
I hope your summer has been as fun as ours I am hoping to get back to my rug hooking,
it will not be this weekend though Miss B is coming for a stay over oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Do I Smell Donuts?

The world news has been heart breaking. 
I needed a diversion.
On Thursday a friend and I took a walk around her town
to see all of the sculptures that have been installed.
Then we went to the beach bar for a drink.

As we were having our drink the Mt. Washington 
boat come into the dock. While we both have seen this boat
a hundred times and have been on it many times we both grabbed
phones and took pictures, so pretty

Friday after work husband and I loaded up the kayaks and 
headed to a small pond. We were the only two on the pond.

We floated around and watched this loon preen, a lot!
So peaceful.

And he left a present! I love that the sky is reflected in this picture.

We stuck close to the house and did some things
we have been putting off. Like sealing the porch floor.
quite a difference:) 

I did some gardening

and general cleaning.

I have been thinking about my mom and grandparents
a lot lately. My brother is coming home in a couple of weeks
and when he is home we talk about them a lot.
When I was cleaning out cookbooks I found a recipe that was 
my mothers....

For Molasses donuts. My gram made these for us all the time.
Maybe they have been thinking about us. 
Heaven knows...
I have lots of prayers for the world right now. But I just can't 
watch the news. I am feeling very blessed to live in 
such a quiet peaceful place that restores my soul.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back To The Beach

Back to the beach I went! This time it was just 
my friend and I alone(no husbands). We headed down to the waters edge
to gaze at the super moon before we hit the bed and out thrifting 
the next day!

some of my finds.
I love these little pin cushions and for .50 it's a deal.

I bought the lamp had the lamp shade.
It now lives on my counter.

A couple of sheep from a creche I think, they are clay 
I paid 1.00 

Small metal animals I will use with my Christmas
paper houses.

A old balsam bag. I am going to take it apart and 
dump out the old balsam. I have new to replace it.
But so dang cute!
(kind of sums me up having a hard time sleeping)

A bicycle basket, I pulled a old bicycle out of the dump
a long time ago and this will fit nicely filled with flowers or herbs.

This is my project! It think in the end it will be great.
This is an old butter churn that was stored in a basement.
It has issues I do have the lid that fits and the crank handle, but for 10.00 I knew I could do something great.
Behind this topiary wire is a bread board that matches the 
old butter churn. Then my wheels started churning.

A dowel will go through the holes in the paddles and hold
the hand crank on. Some cleaning up, attach the bread board for the top and voila you have an amazing one of a kind side table! 
You can use the open paddle side for storage of magazines, wool etc. What do you think? I will show it when we get it all fixed up.
I also got lots and lots of clothes I am wearing the brooks brothers shorts today now for 2.00 that is a deal!

After I dragged myself home from the beach we headed to story land with Miss B and her parents. It was a nice hot day and guess who got into a water fight on one of the water rides? Yep B's parents and her pepe. And they were very proud of themselves for it too.:)

While at the beach I met a blogger!Fuzzy Slippers Designs, Moriah.
It was so funny they are related to my close friends and while they were at the beach they stopped by. My friend was on the phone so I answered the door and who do I recognize? Their sweet new puppy. It is always so nice to meet other bloggers.
Well I have been long winded enough I hope everyone is surviving the storms, we are very humid not the normal weather for us.
So it is very hard to get motivated for anything. I am on my 
porch and I think I will hang out a while longer listen to music and read.