Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Sun Has Set On Another Week....

My hooking buddy and I headed out to Star Island a day early
to wait for the rest of the hookers.

I know I have told you before but Star Island is about 7 miles off the coast of NH. 

It is an amazing place that about 30 rug hookers gathered to have
a few days of peace and quiet. To just hook!

When they ring this bell it means the meals are ready to eat.
No clean up, no cooking, just heaven.

There was a topic of conversation about posting someone else's rug on line. So I will not be posting the amazing work that was going on but I will post mine. I am now going to rip the sky out I do not like it at all. So stay tune.

In the middle is Liseanne Miller of cushings. The four of us that went to Star Island took a little road trip the next day. She was having her fall open house we all spent plenty and lots of wonderful inspiration you have to get to Maine and visit, she is doing amazing things.
Our wonderful friends lent us their beach house for the rest of the weekend. We were fogged in a couple of partial days and nights but..

we also had amazing sunsets and walks on the beach.
We met up with friends and family in the area had lobster and really enjoyed ourselves. But sad to say tomorrow is back to work.
I am a little burned out of work so it will be hard to go back. 
Oh retirement where are you???
For more MaryJane was with us out on star Island so head on over
Maryjane's click on blog she did a wonderful post.

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Ocean Is Calling

I made this sign. My friend gave me the starfish then I glued 
an old hook I had and some sea glass I found while on Star Island last year. Paint on some letters bingo you have a sign which I will be able to add my sea glass to in the future.

I started a new rug. It is a pattern I have had a while and as you
can guess it is a Deanne pattern. I will take this to work on when I go to Star Island again for my hooking retreat! We are sneaking out a day early because we love it so much there. Can't wait!!!

We went to a family wedding on Sunday. This is my beautiful daughter and her handsome husband (Miss B's parents) and of course my handsome amazing husband.
And this is a picture of the bride and groom. she is such a beautiful
girl and her new husband is handsome too so they make a wonderful couple.
So that catches you up on what I have been doing. A little reading a little walking, a lot of working. I am more than ready for my week off.
Have a great week everyone!